Spider-Man Mod (Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU)

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The MCU Spider-Man MOD!

Ever wanted a some-what watered down and more tool based approach to Spider-Man without using commands and stuff? No, well then this mod exists. Based on the 5 films Spider-Man were in linking to the MCU. This mod was more of a passion project , and thus I put a lot of effort into this, even if it isn't the best.

The suits that are listed in the mod that can be crafted (everything can be crafted) includes:

Stark Enhanced Suit

Homemade Suit

Iron Suit

Upgraded Suit

Stealth Suit


The unique and separated Web-Shooters used in-game include:

First Generation Web-Shooters (Combination of the follow two below this)

Standard Layout Web-Shooters

Web Swing Web-Shooters (Yes the shoot and swing variations are separate for some reason)

Taser Web-Shooters

Grenade Web-Shooters

Stun Web-Shooters

Lethal Web-Shooters

This also includes 3 gadgets that can make you feel like the MCU Spider-Man. These include:

Web Gliders

Sticky Hands

Iron Claws

There are also some random advancements, but those are for you to unlock.



Warning: There are probably some errors and mishaps in this mod. If that happens, then idk what to do. Just enjoy it as I tested it and it seems like it's all good to go. I also apologize for the missing gloves in the suits. I don't know how to add them, so I'm sorry in advance.


P.S. It's pronounced Spider-Man and not Spiderman.


EDIT: Fixed a bit of some stuff with the gadgets and a cooldown. Other than that, it's the same mode in which you have to take my word for it to find the items and the crafting recipes.

Oh yeah, I found the web shooters from google from someone else that I just edited from. Props to him/her for the base web shooters.
Let me give you the proper download.

Modification files