Obsidian Creations

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The Obsidian Creations Mod is an ever expanding mod. Me and my friends are coming up with new ideas every day and we add them into the mod. We are also open to suggestions for the mod and changes that should be made to balance the mod out.

Use Enchanted Flint And Steel On An Obsidian Brick Frame


All Obsidian Armor: The Same As Other Armor

Obsidian Tools: Sticks Replaced With Blaze Rods

Obsidian Bricks: Two By Two With Obsidian In All Areas

Enchanted Flint And Steel: Flint And Steel With Obsidian In A Clock Shape

Smelt Sticks In A Furnace To Get Blaze Rods

Quick Obsidian: Cobblestone In The Corners, Coal In The Other Outer Spaces, Iron Ore In The Middle

Modification files
Obsidian Armor 1.0.jar - The first designUploaded on: 07/22/2019 - 22:23   File size: 23.37 KB
Obsidian Creations.jar - Added Effects and ToolsUploaded on: 07/25/2019 - 21:44   File size: 50.87 KB
Obsidian Creations 2.0.jar - Added a new dimension, new mobs, and new blocksUploaded on: 07/31/2019 - 23:53   File size: 115.5 KB
ObsidianCreations3.0.jar - Changed Some Stuff UpUploaded on: 08/13/2019 - 20:46   File size: 117.63 KB

1.0 - Added Obsidian Armor

1.1 - Added Effects and Obsidian Tools

2.0 - Added New Dark Dimension and New Obsidian Warrior Mob

Hey Instead of just putting a random picture to fill out the slot can you put a screenshot of something actually in the mod? This might get taken down by a mod.