Alloy: Snapshot Saga

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Disclaimer: this mod is a snapshot version for Alloy: The Fusion, so don't expect it to be perfect lol. Suggested to play with big mods like RaolCraft "ore" Cosmocraft

v1.1 is a gigantic update with 70 new mod elements! Adding ores, Advanced Alloy Smelter(NO FUEL NEEDED!!!), mobs, building blocks, and yes, ALLOYS!

new ores: pyrite ore, chromium ore, solid lava, blazing ore

See the changelog for more info

This mod is a snapshot of my mod Alloy: The Fusion. 

machines...blah blah...pipes...blah blah...dusts... blah blah...

have you ever got confused by all the of tech mods but still want to play them?

have you ever wanted a cool tech-ish mod but don't wanna leave the feeling of vanilla minecraft? 

have you ever felt bored by the lack of variety of ores and stones in caves?

have you ever explored the ender city, defeated the wither, even built a massive mob farm but still want to conquer more?

have you ever ate crispy chips and hated them?


Well this mod is for you!(possibly)

-170 mod elements!

-tons of new blocks

-a whole new dimension!

-cool tools


-7 new mobs that can kill you

-2 new strcutures

-half a dozen of achievements!

-special tools including shape shifting hammers!

for recipes use JEI

Modpacks: Feel free to use without even telling me. go on! The only requirement is to credit me.

versions with * is snapshots

versions with # is stable

Others are full release but might be unstable

current alloys included:

sulfur dust(make gunpowder or pyrite, make decorative blocks), bronze(make tools better than stone but worse than iron), brass(special weaponary and making copper wire!), steel(better than iron but less durability), pyrite(actually a crystal not an alloy, used to make crystal of color and decorative blocks), crystal of color(used to make op armor), chromium(plated with steel to make stainless steel!), and stainless steel(just like steel but more durability)!


Links to Guide Thing and WIki Thing:

Links to Weird Disscusion Place:

special recipes(all the recipes with* needs to have 1 smelter fuel as a fuel in the fuel slot which is the extreme left slot):

Basic alloy smelter:

copper+tin=bronze ingot*

copper+zinc=brass ingot*

iron+iron=iron ingot*

iron+coal=steel ingot*

any sulfur ore+any sulfur ore=suflur dust*

volcanic ruins diamond ore+volcanic ruins diamond ore=diamond*

volcanic ruins emerald ore+volcanic ruins emerald ore=emerald*

Iron ore+ any sulfur ore= pyrite*

fusion crafter(also known as tool refinery, alloy refinery):

iron ingot+coal=steel*

sulfur dust+sulfur dust=gunpowder*

volcanic stone+sulfur dust= 4 volcanic bricks*

volcanic brick+ volcanic brick+ volcanic brick= block of volcanic bricks

volcanic brick+ volcanic brick= carved volcanic bricks*

chromium ingot+ steel+steel= 2 stainless steel ingots

pyrite+ stone bricks+ stone bricks= 2 pyrite bricks

pyrite+glass block+ glass block= 2 pyrite glass(blast proof)

Advanced alloy smelter(NO FUEL NEEDED!!!):

chromium ore+ chromium ore+ chromium ore= chromium ingot

Iron+Iron+sulfur= pyrite

Diamond+Emerald+Pyrite=crystal of color

Important info: to go to volcanic ruins you need to put 4 flamewood planks in the corners of the crafting table and 1 copper wire in the middle. Then you get 8 portal frame blocks. Repeat the process. You get another 8. then you can make the portal

Credits/Authors(authors are stated with *)


MCreator(Pylo)*- I used this app to make my mod(Duh!).

Apple-I used mac (lol that means 0 help from

RaolTheBest-Machine textures

RockstarBonnet-volcanic themed textures

Me*-ideas, mod creation

(upcoming)Sir_cookie98-flaming raider mob texture/model

My sister*(aka ProwlerMeowler4321)- lots of texture editing and logo suggestion and editing

Picture Time!


And Structures:

lol bruh

A typical cave showing some ores with labels:

leave a upvote please! Speak in the comments for improvements.

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AlloyBeta_v1.1.0.jar - Beta Build 1.1.0(minor bugs included, but download if you want to test the new features)1.19 MB
AlloyBeta_v1.0.1.jar - Beta Build 1.0.1(recomended)#631.67 KB
AlloyBeta_v1.0.jar - Beta Build 1.0629.96 KB

v1.1 The Blocky Update 175+ elements


-flaming zombie:

-flaming zombie now only spawn in volcanic ruins

-flaming zombie now can be instantly killed when attacked when in water

-flaming zombie can now ignite the player when touching

-Immune to fire


-flaming skeleton(NEW):

-have similar attributes to flaming zombie(water attacking, ignite player)

-has biped model because my skeleton model won't render bows (will be fixed in future)

-spawn in volcanic ruins

-attack is the exact same as vanilla skeleton, but will ignite players that collide with them

-40 health

-Immune to fire

-Scared to wolves and dogs


-Kablam!(Explosive zombie)(NEW)

-10 health

-faster than vanilla zombie

-4 damage(Melee)

-Small explosion upon death-- still very dangerous!

-drops tnt

-Immune to cactus



-changed texture of some miners


-see description


Pyrite-- A yellow crystal that can be found as a rare ore or fused on the fusion crafter(lol unrealistic). Can be used to make pyrite bricks<-- Has 4 varieties, but 3 of them are uncraftable. One of it does not have a different name. Will be fixed in the next update. And there is a glass version. Known bugs: the ore won't generate for some reason.

Crystal of Color-- A color changing "pretty" crystal that can be made in the advanced alloy smelter by inputing Diamond, Emerald, and pyrite(In that order lol). Can be used to make a powerful armor stronger than diamond

Chromium-- smelted by chromium ore(requires diamond pickaxe, smelted in advanced alloy smelter). Can be used to make stainless steel.

Stainless Steel-- Just like steel, But more durability than diamond!!(well, will be changed to more than iron in the next update)


-Advacned Alloy Smelter

-Used to Smelt some advanced alloys like chromium. Recipes in description

-Now Pyrite, Bronze, Brass, Steel have block forms

v1.0.1 Stuff Bugfix 1 100+ elements
Bug fixes

-added recipes for the brass hammer and the fusion crafter

-I didnt change the problem about hammer form due to mcreator's limits XD

v1.0 The Stuff Update 100+ elements
known bugs:

fusion crafter cannot be crafted

sometimes when you change form of hammer, it will go to other places in the inventory

Nice :)
Hope it goes well! When I've got time I'll work on the Flaming Raider for you, OK?