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This mod was made for my "favorite" minecraft and roblox youtuber camroon i recently asked him if i should make this mod and he said yes so i made it this mod was made using mcreator i am a very happy camper all thanks to this mod it has made we want to actually mod again if you have any questions ask me here ---->

this mod adds a new dimension that has 2 biomes in it a new ore that can craft a block and other items (not tools and armor) new blocks like an australian flag and block with camroons marshmellow on it. the dimensions frame is made out of camroonite blocks  and is lit with a passport (crafted with a book and camroonite)

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CAMROONMOD.jar - 1.12.2 mod version 1.0166.12 KB

Nice mod :)
Please can you say what it actually adds in the description though?