The Nightmarish Kingdom

Published by Goldorion on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 14:33
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Welcome on the first full RPG MCreator mod.
The Nightmarish Kingdom is a full RPG mod. Who is the real villain ? Surely not what you believe, and you will have to discover the villain to free the world of Minecraft. For that, you will have to explore your worlds, fight new creatures, make new meets, better yourself, and more. So, who are you ? An Archer ? A Warrior ? A Paladin ? Or a Mage ? Choose a character and go on the adventure !

The mod is developped in three part. The two first parts are now released. The last part will be release later with the rest of the functionnalities, and it will be a less big update.

You can play to this mod in English (Default language), French (All French coutries), and Deutsh (Germany).


The CurseForge page is here :

 If you want to know characteristics of all class and how works the custom Level System, I give you screens of my documents (i'm sorry if they are some errors, but I just put the texts in Google translate because the original documents are in French.)

Class and Sub-Class Characteristics :

Archer-Warrior Characteristics paladin-mage Characteristics

The Level System :

Level System


Getting Started Guide :


After the creation of the world, you will have to choose your class. Make the good choice because you won't are able to change it after. Click on "Info" to see the informations about the character. Write "Yes "if you want it and "No", if you don't want it (You will be redirected on the main GUI.)

GUI of classes


After o have choose your character, start your adventure like a Vanilla adventure. Fight mobs, level-up, upgrade your armor, kill the Ender Dragon (Archer) and take his egg (Duplicate it.), kill a Wither (Warrior), find a mansion and take a Totem of Undying (Paladin), and take a Sponge (Mage). Make a portal with Red Nether Bricks and you are ready to go in The Nightmarish Kingdom.


Find the village corresponding at your character, and trade with a villager to have the Ancient Relics. After crafter your Armor Tier IV.

Return to your portal, and find tyhe Morzaron's Tower. Go inside, find him, and kill him.

If you aren't at the Level 10, level-up to the Level 10, and after right click on the letter.


Return in the Overworld, and if you don't have Purpur Blocks, go in The End to take some purpur blocks.

Make a portal with your Purpur Blocks.

Destroyed Kingdom Portal

To have the igniter, you have to be to the Level 11.

When you are ready, turn on the portal and go inside. Complete your levels to be at the level 12, and after Good Luck !


Thanks to evenlekkergamen to have test the mod and give me ideas and advices !

Translations : RockstarBonnet (Deutsch), Me (French)

100 downloads : November 7th 2019



Modification files
nightmarish kingdom 1.12.2 Beta 2.1.0.jar - Beta 2.1.0 (Important Patch Update)2.09 MB
nightmarish kingdom 1.12.2 Beta 2.0.0.jar - Beta 2.0.0 (Second and Last Development Version)2.04 MB

Hi everyone !

Beta 2.1.0 :

  • Added full support for multiplayer (Changed all Global Variables for NBT Tags)
  • Changed the name of Destroyed Kingdom to Destroyed Forest
  • Change biome selections of custom dimensions
  • Reduce the probability of special attacks of Azor.
  • Increase Destroyed Forest spawn
  • Enter in The Destroyed Kingdom made crashed the game.
  • Dimensions Igniters weren't give.

=|= Beta 2.0.0 =|=

Features :

  • Added the end of the story
  • Added 4 new subclass (Hunter for Archer, Assassin for Warrior, Infantryman for Paladin, Priest for Mage) and four weapon's class (Bow, Sword, Double Axe (Sword) and Magic Wand (Magic Scepter))
  • Added some Vanilla biomes to The Nightmarish Kingdom (Dimension)
  • Added The Destroyed Kingdom (Portal with Purpur Blocks)
  • Added Volcano, Stone Desert biomes
  • Added 6 new structures
  • Added Red Nether Brick Stairs
  • Added a Custom Level System
  • Added a cooldown for the Priest Wand
  • Added weather to The Nightmarish Kingdom
  • Added support for Deutsch 
  • Added support for the Ore and Biome Dictionaries.
  • Added special attacks for Morzaron
  • Added the final boss (Azor)
  • Added 6 new mobs (Zombie archer, Zombie swordsman, Zombie Paladin, Zombie Magician, Demon Golem, Angel Golem)
  • Added an Effect (Invincible give you 1 hearth and 2 food and remove you 1 level)
  • Added new Achievements


Changes :

  • Change the sky of The Nightmarish Kingdom Dimension to an Overworld sky.
  • Change crafts of the Class Armors
  • Some texture changes
  • Rename Magic Scepter to Priest Wand (Change of the ID too)
  • Mountains and Mesa Desert biomes are now generating in the Overworld.
  • Some changes in the generation of the Mountains Biome.
  • Change the Morzaron’s Tower for a less big tower (It’s now my build.)
  • Change the trade system of the Custom Villagers for a more intuitive system.
  • Remove /nktrade
  • Some other minor changes


BugFixes :

  • Typing E into the GUI of class closed the GUI
  • Magic Scepter didn't work properly.
  • Items disappeared when they were giving.
  • Some Entities didn’t have sounds or great sounds.
  • Sometimes custom Villages didn’t have support.
  • Some other minor bugs

=|= Beta 1.0.0 =|=

First release of the mod

Enjoy !


Awesome mod, it's out :D
Does each class have some specific weapons/armor/items too or do they just have different status effects (I haven't downloaded it yet)?
Anyway, for the moment the most interesting one seems to be the mage :)