The Nightmarish Kingdom

Published by Goldorion on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 14:33
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Our kingdom is ruled by a tyrant since 20 years. Find Morzaron, and free the kingdom, but before, you have to choose your class. You can be an archer, a warrior, a paladin or a mage. Make the good choice.


The Nightmarish Kingdom is a full RPG mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 by Goldorion. You will have to free The Nightmarish Kingdom rule by Morzaron, a tyrant since 20 years. Your goal is, with a class, to explore your world to find The Nightmarish Kingdom, find the Morzaron's Tower, fight and kill him. During your long adventure you will have to fight lot of new monsters, try to find the ancient and mysterious relics to help you in your quest, and even more, but the truth is often the opposite of what we think.


The mod is developped in two part. The first part is now released, and the second part will be release later, and wil have the end of the story, with many news mobs, structures, and more. You can play to this mod in English (Default language), French (All French coutries), Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian.

The CurseForge page is here :


When you created your world, you will have to choose a class. You have the choice between an Archer, a Warrior, a Paladin, and a mage, but be careful because when you have choosen your character, you can't modify it after. If you close the GUI before have choose, just execute the command /nkclass, and you will have the GUI. I suggest you to close the GUI, read the text, and after re open the GUI. To choose a class, write in the box "Yes". If you don't want to choose the class, write "No", and after click on the button "Confirm.". You can now start your adventure with your character.

GUI of classes

After that, start your game like in vanilla, and upgrade your armor with your resources.

When your armor is at the Tier III, you have to collect the Dragon Egg for the Archer (You can duplicate it with a Vanilla bug.), a Nether star for the Warrior, a Totem of Undying for the Paladin, and a sponge for the Mage. You are now ready to travel and explore The Nightmarish Kingdom. For that create a Nether Portal with Red Netherrack bricks, and turn it on.


It's now the best part of your adventure, and it's to explore The nightmarish Dimension, and find the Village of your character. If you are an Archer find a Village with Endstone bricks. The Warrior will have to find a Netherrack bricks Village, the Paladin a wood Village, and finally, the mage will have to find a Purpur Village..

Trade with a Villager. To do that make this steps :

  1. Find your village
  2. Find a Villager (They are into the houses.)
  3. Right Click on him, and click on th button. If you have your item continue with the next step, otherwise, you don't listen the voice.
  4. Execute the command /nktrade to trade your item for your Ancient Relic.
  5. Upgrade your armor to the last Tier (Tier IV).


You are now ready to go find Morzaron and finish the first part.


A big thanks to these peoples to have help me in different aspects.

Armor textures : Pazle

Translations : Blue Fox (Portuguese, Brazil), Ilyaxin (Russian), Me (French)

Mod test : Wesley




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First release of the mod

Developer Submitted by Klemen on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 15:58

Nice mod! :D

Submitted by Nouyoule on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 18:03

We wait for Minecraft 2.0...

Very nice mod!