Agents of block (Final update before Season 3)

Published by himemik on Fri, 01/15/2021 - 18:42
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discounted version new one on a diffrent acount


Welcome agent to the block code a company made to vanquise chaos


back in the day there was an company block code they vanquised choas shortly after that they disbanded but now agents all around the world are getting reactivaded and new ones added like you.


Season 2:

Welcome agent to season 2 of Agents of block here is some of the new items added with season 2. new Operation weapons items and blocks new logo and more

Season 2 from 19 feb-19 march


Updates: 0.9 is here and has added some new things like a new Agent and a couple new quests plus new creative tabs.


stuff you need to know before launch of Season 3: in Season 3 Agents of block will be coming out of alpha and into beta.


Normal updates are on friday sometimes i do hype updates that are on a random time of the week.


sneek peek at Season 3:

new quests

new Agents

and that all you get to know!

Modification files
update 0.9.jar - update 0.9 (Final update before Season 3)234.51 KB

New quests

New agent clock sword

more creative tabs

little texture changes

teasers for updates here

sorry if the update files dont show i am working on that