The Haunting

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This is Professor Grimley...Documenting Minecraftia's Supernatural....


Currently in Indev.  Just to get the page up. Next update will be big.



Professor Grimley was a world renowned explorer of the supernatural, or so it was claimed. Discovering many new biomes, the Professor warned the general public of the dangers, and set out to document it. According to his assistant, he documented lots of the supernatural, but vanished mysteriously....and the book was in peices.

Now, you get to explore the strange lands. Learn about magic, spirits and other supernatural things.


  • Haunted Brew  - 1 ectoplasm gunk, 1 bottle
  • Haunted Beef - 1 Haunted Brew, 1 raw steak
  • Ectoplasm Gunk - Common drop, Also from Ectoplasm


  • Deadwood Trees
  • Deadwood Biomes


  • Ectoplasm - Natural, rare. Drops Gunk.
  • Deadwood Log - Purple Logs in the Deadwood Biome
  • Deadwood Planks - Purple Planks, Made in the same way normal planks are made.



  • Haunted Wraith - Doomed soul found in the Deadwood Biomes. 30 Health. 4 ATK




  • Ghost - Glowing Eyes. Jumpscare, but not hostile. Careful in the dark.




Prof. Grimley's Journal:

Note: All mob pages are rare drops:

  • Haunted Wraith (PG1)
  • Ghost (PG2)
Modification files - Version 0.0.1 VERY EARLY INDEV ACCESS.Uploaded on: 09/26/2017 - 16:08   File size: 1.04 MB

For those wondering about Indev, major things that are to note.

While ghost drops are added, they currently drop nothing. drops accessed in creative.
Ectoplasm is a way to get gunk if on peaceful, or hunt ghost. But might get a new use later.