The mod cursed Minecraft mod

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I made one of the most cursed Minecraft mods.


-You can enter the cursed dimension by using Mud Blocks and the Mudigniter.


-You can craft some weapons and tools (Bazooka, Longsniper, MM, EMM)

   -The Bazooka requires Bazooka Ammo.

   -The Longsniper requires regular arrows.

   -The Mud Multitool (MM). It can also be enhanced with 4 mud gems.

   -The Long Arm. It can be crafted with 6 human meat and 3 bones



   -Please don't eat the weird meat, your game may crush.

   -You can eat the cooked weird meat instead.

   -It's not a good idea to drink the vodka in survival mode, I added the feature, that it can explode, but if it does, you get stuck in the air.

   -You can get some human meat by right-clicking on the ground with the knife.



   -The mudsmelter does not work, but I'm trying to fix that

   -You can't use the mudchest like a regular chest, but you can use a hopper to fill it.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
MCMM 1.0.0.jar - MCMM 1.0.0225.41 KB
MCMM 2.0.0.jar - MCMM 2.0.0232.97 KB
MCMM 3.0.0.jar - MCMM 3.0.0254.18 KB

Ver. 3.0.0

I added V-Bucks. These V-Bucks items are 99% usless, but the dumb fortnite kiddies will follow you, if you hold V-Bucks in your hand.

I added the knife, which you can use to get human meat.

I added a tool called the long arm. Unfortunatly, the texture got some problems, but I will fix that


Ver. 2.0.0

I added a crafting recipe for the longsniper. Just smelt a bazooka.

I also added the enhanced mud multitool (EMM), which can be crafted with a mud multitool and 4 mud gems.

The mud gems cannot be crafted in this version, but you can find them by punching grass.


Ver. 1.0.0

I published the first version modification.


There's still very much I want to add and I have to fix some issues