Void Mod

Published by mcmatmad on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 18:15
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The Void mod is my mod and i will try to make it the best i can.

i made the void mod for Fun.

This mod has new things that would make it harder and easier(i think).

If you have any Questions or Ideas you can put them in the comments.

If you find a bug then if you want it fixed put it in the comments.

(ps some bugs i wont be able to fix.)

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Modification files
Void_Mod_1_12_2_0.jar - Void mod 1.12.2-0.2189.91 KB

0.3: ?????

  • Added: Blood Stone, Blood Bricks, Dark block, Wooden Wrench, Spawn Orb,
  • Updated to 2019.5 MCreator,
  • Edited: Creative tabs,

0.2: Ruby Update

  • Added: Cure(Effect Remover) Rceipe, Ruby, Gem ore, Ruby Block, Grinder,
    • Ruby Shard, Ruby orb, Ruby Tools, Ruby Armor, Wood Chips,
  • Edited: Infected(Effect) Icon, Infected(Mob) Looks, Infected(Mob), Highstone,
    • Halfblock,

0.1: Starting Point

  • Added: Bluple Block, Pure Bluple Block, Bluple Biome, Bluple Dust,
    • Bluple(Effect), Infected(Effect), Infected(Mob), Halfblock, Highstone,
    • Half Way!(Achievement), Super Powers!(Achievement), Cure(Effect Remover).

Nice mod :)
It'd be nice if you could explain about the mod in the description though.