Musket mod (The Brown Bess)

Published by MrSomSom on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 15:01
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This is a weapons mod,

Mod contains the rifle itself (The Brown Bess), crafting recipes for the rifle parts (Musket Barrel) & (Musket Stock).

Also I have added an Officer Saber!

The rifle uses custom bullets (Musket Ball), those can be crafted with (Paper, gunpowder, iron ingot)

The rifle can be shot 256 times and has a reloading time of 1-6 seconds.


Modification files
MrSomSom's Finale Brown Bess.jar - Modification902.87 KB

Nice :)
Pleas can you replace your image with a screenshot though (or at least remove the white)?

Finally the finished product is here!
I had to change some minor things with it but I'm happy with the result as this is my first ever mod.
I hope you will like it! :)

excuse me if i bother you, i know i am really late, but i have recently made a similar mod and would like to know how can i the "loading" mechanic of the musket. I just want to need to press the mouse button for 5 seconds for the gun to fire. I you want to help and you dont understand something let me know, every help is welcome.