Faux Diamonds Mod (fake diamonds, fool your foes)

Published by Kinyoshi on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 01:56
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Faux Diamonds are obtained by smelting an unprocessed faux diamond.

Unprocessed Faux Diamonds can only be crafted by combining coal or charcoal, 4 diorite, and 4 sand.

Includes a realistic achievement message so other players will think you have real diamonds.
Armor and weapons have near diamond stats, except that they can only mine iron and break fairly fast..
In PvP, crafting them and having faux equipment might fend off attacks..

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I thought of something like that, using blue glass for the recipe, but in the hours (seriously, hours) of research on the real life counterparts of Minecraft stone, Diorite can be a bluish-grey color, that's why I picked Diorite.

Neat concept, personally not my thing but improving the logo would get more people to see it :D

Nice concept this would totally fool people easyly but it would be nice if you could see a diference (not very visible) of faux diamond and real diamond it would be nice btw upvote

Thank you for the feedback, I can make it look different, similar enough it looks the same but if you know what to look for, you can tell.. next update will get that. Should been like that already, my bad.

This is Dream's dream. For those who don't know, Dream's playstyle in combat is mostly strategic and hinges a lot on terrifying his foes and making them run.

You should make tools with the unprocessed Faux Diamond when 1.16 comes out for MCreator so you can fool your foes with what seems like Netherite armor. Also the Faux Diamond could be used as a really smart decoy. But the only thing with the Faux Netherite armor is that is breaks REALLY fast, almost 10 hits until it breaks so it could be found out easily by enemies. But, there are pros and cons to everything. Oh except for pizza, it itself is a pro.

Man, this blue coal is so nice, I would install this mod only to see that item XD reminds me the colour of ender pearls blocks in BetterEnd (by the way, coolest block ever)