Miners & Vegetal Update

Published by ZaidenFR on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 17:59
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It's a mod for miners and little botanists. This mod is my first, be indulgent please ^^'.

The mod comport:

-New ores: Amethyste, Bismuth, Titanium, Ruby and Plastic

-New stuffs: Amethyste stuff, Bismuth stuff, Titanium stuff, Ruby stuff and Miner armor.

New plants: Red flower, Blue flower, Yellow flower, Black flower, Strawberry bush and Blackberry bush.

-New food: Strawberry and Blackberry.

-New dye: Special red, Special blue, Special yellow and Special Black.

-New Blocks: Amethyste block (beacon base), Glass of Amethyste, Bismuth block (beacon base), Titanium block (beacon base),Ruby block, Plastic block (beacon base), Black cobblestone and Black stone.

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Awsome Minecraft Update !!!! I really love it :D (but notice that plastic is just oil)