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This is a cave update mod, made using MCreator. Basically what it does, is adds a bunch of new features to caves. This includes brand new rock types, such as slate and marble, different stone blocks depending on the biome you're in, new mobs, like Skeleton Miners, Silklings, Lurking Spiders and a new boss, the Spider Monarch.
We have fossils, rubies, which can be used to make ultra cheap beacon bases, mud blocks, moss, brick and pillar variants for andesite, diorite, and granite, shingles, a new type of brick and so much more!

Total Feature List:
Mossy Stone
Icey Stone
Sandy Stone
Diorite Diamond Ore
Andesite Emerald Ore
Granite Lapis Ore
Polished Marble
Polished Slate
Andesite Pillar
Diorite Pillar
Granite Pillar
Andesite Brick
Diorite Brick
Granite Brick
Marble Pillar
Marble Brick
Prismarine Ore
Skeletal Miner
Dirty Fossil
Gravely Fossil
Moss Block

Silkling Spider
Cave Ice
Spider Eggs
Monarch Spawn
Monarch Eyes
Red Chrystal
Blue Chrystal
Green Chrystal
Mottled Stone
Mottled Brick
Ruby Ore
Ruby Block
Petrified Wood
Polished Petrified Wood
Petrified Planks
Slate Shingles
Red Slate Shingles
Green Slate Shingles
Blue Slate Shingles
Purple Slate Shingles
Yellow Slate Shingles
Stalactites (but these will not generate naturally, so only for creative mode)
Lurking Spider

Here is my page on Planet Minecraft for those wondering:

Here is my Youtube Video covering this mod:

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