Published by funny on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 13:09
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bomes crazy bomes so that is the mod bomes and crazy bomes and massive destruction so bome away like the wind and bome and keep bomeing a away bome and bome

the bome tnt is a huge bomb of power 50 to activate place on the floor

the no plz don't use it is a ok bomb that can be shoot by right-clicking 

the tnt bow shoots aroows  if it hits a block it will explode if it hits a player it gives the player the tnt effect right-click to shoot

the bomed dimension is an explosive dimension the portal is built out of tnt and is ignited with the bomed Portal Igniter

the lightning potion is a dangers potion that summons lightning right-click to shoot

the lightning mob spawns after an explosion and acts like a creeper just he lives the explosion

bomel is a powerful ore that can be found underground and in many recipes

tnttil a very explosive ore that can be found underground and can create explosive tools

the tnt effect makes tnt and lightning summon rapidly below you

the super bomed tnt bow is a powerful weapon that shots bomed

the tnt set allows you to take tintil set and put it in 1 slot right-click to open

the eat tnt is a food item that allows you to eat tnt you will die 100% and cause an explosion

if you press in creative g it will explode

bosbom is a boss that creates lightnings and is summoned by right clicking a tntjuke

fakeplains is a biome that is like the plains but if you break or right click a block it will explode

my second mod click here

                                            thanks for downloading the mod


Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
bomes 1.14.4.jar - for 1.14.44 MB
bome 1.12.2_0.jar - for 1.12.24 MB

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