Reborn of the World [WIP]

Published by NikG on Wed, 11/06/2019 - 14:04
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Hi there. All we know Mojang's passive positions about upgrading old biomes. If we can't get biomes update from Mojang that mean we can do it by yourself.

I want to do this. But there is a small problem. My brain can't imagine all biomes' updates. I need your help. You can join Discord server and show your ideas and then I'll add them to mod

And special fo Traitor Art.

I really like your mods. I've taken some ideas for this mod like flyies on swamps. I hope you will not rage on me. I just inspired mods creator, ok?


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I was already creating a mod, called "Enhanced Worlds", that is like yours, but I run into your same problem so I stopped the developing. However, if you like it, I can share my ideas, models, textures and so on with you.
What I'm offering, nay, asking is if I can make with you this your mod.
(simply we agree on what I do, I create the mod elements and you import it all in your workspace)