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Gold tools are bad. There's no arguing about it. Which is a shame, because they are the best looking tools in the game! Well, this mod makes gold tools useable again!

Gold tools, weapons and armor have been buffed, increasing their durability and efficiency! This mod makes them more powerful than diamond, but its durability is between Iron and Diamond

Modification files
Better Gold Mod.jar - Download the mod here!76.56 KB

Beta 1.0


    -Changes to Gold tools, weapons and armor.


    -Clock Crafting Recipe

        This may be added back into the mod depending on feedback


    -Naturally generated gold, for example gold found in Ocean Monuments, has the same properties as Vanilla gold. This can be solved by crafting it into Gold Ingots,Nuggets or Blocks.

    -Gold Ore drops the new Modified Gold Ore in Creative Mode. This is due to the new Gold being unobtainable in the Creative Inventory

Very good mod! Does this modification remove standard golden tools?

We can craft the old ones with "No More Recipe Conflict Mod" which allows to craft all the items which have the same recipe

Is this mod available for 1.12.2 cuz I tried downloading it and it says it requires 1.13 and up?

Good idea! how did you manage to remove standard gold tools from survival? id love to know so i can mess around with various vanilla things.