New Things Mod By xrup

Published by xrup on Thu, 01/23/2020 - 12:42
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Bronze armor textures has been changed
copper armor textures has been changed
corundum armor textures has been changed
saphire armor textures has been changed
ruby ore texture has been changed
recipe for name tag has been changed


add new recipes for copper axe
add new recipe for wine bow
add new cobweb recipe
add new copper hoe recipes
add new string recipe
add new bucket of tropical fish recipe
add new bucket of salmon recipe
add new bucket of cod recipe
add new bucket of pufferfish recipe
add new copper sword recipes
add new xp bottle recipe
delete "armor" from name of copper armor things and bronze armor things
copper armor now can be crafted
add new name tag recipe
add new red sand recipe


1.0.3 (jewelry update)
add ruby
add ruby ore 
add block of ruby
add ruby nugget
sdd corundum ore
add corundum 
add corundum armor
add corundum shovel
all copper things have 8 enchantibility
vine bow now have 3,5 attack damage
vine bow now have 1,3 bullet power
Bronze sword now have 3,5 damage
add corundum axe
add corundum hoe
add saphire ore
add saphire
add saphire armor
add saphire hoe
add advancement "house of bronze"
add advancement "useless nuggets"
add saphire sword
add saphire axe
add saphire pickaxe

add saphire shovel
add block of saphire

1.0.2 (Bronze Update)
-add block of lead
-add bronze ingot
-add copper armor
-add bronze axe
-change - copper axe has durability 127 now from 100
-add Bronze pickaxe
-add bronze sword
-add bronze shovel
-block of copper now have 4,95 hardeness
-add full bronze armor
-add bronze hoe
-add bronze nugget
-add block of bronze


-add lead block

- add bronze ingot

-add recipe for lead ingot

-add recipes bronze ingot 

-add new lead nugget recipe

-add new lead ingot recipe

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