Expansion+ Remastered (UPDATE!!)

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Expansion+ Remastered is a remastering of one of my old mods that I had no inspiration to keep working on. I decided to take it another direction by adding something that I haven't ever seen before in mcreator, have a progressive story that is unlocked the farther that you go in the game. In this mod, you have to kill a custom boss found in the nether to unlock the Ethereal dimension, which unlocks a lot of new content, such as tons of items, weapons, and mobs to find.






* https://discord.gg/4p62k79 my discord for the mods I make *


Obsidian Pickaxe, mining level 4

Glass pickaxe, has fortune, low durability

Circuit board, made with redstone and iron.

Computer mostly useless right now and only progresses story, but in future it will be more useful.

Prospecter's  pickaxe, more furtune, less durability.

Community items, suggested items by community members that earn it by asking in my discord.

Blue quartz, found in big chunks in the nether

Blue Quartz block, made with blue quartz

Nether quartz, found rarely in nether.

Nether dust, fire quartz, blue quartz, and glowstone combined into a dust

The obsidian core, summons Obsidian elemental

Obsidian Elemental, gateway to alot of Expansion+ content. Drops nether gem and the Eye of the Ethereal.

Lava Diver suit, better than diamond, craftable after the Obsidian Elemental

Obsidian Sword, 8 damage

Flamecore Obsidian Sword, upgrade to the obsidian sword, made with nether gems. 9 damage

Fire Crystal Pickaxe, mining level 5, made by obsidian pickaxe and fire quartz

Multiterial Pickaxe, made from obsidian, emeralds, and redstone, very fast, low harvest level.

The Ethereal Power core, made by nether dust and the eye of the ethereal.

    -The Ethereal-

portal made with Blue quartz blocks and lit by the Ethereal Power Core

Ethereal stone, main block in Ethereal, drops ethereal cobblestone.

Ethereal grass, different color based on biome

Ethereal Trees, different color based on biome, can find dragon fruit in trees which give potion effects.

Crystone, patches found around the surface

Opals, found inside crystone.

Cryo crystal, found in patches on surface, drops cryo gems

Whispering Bones, skeleton type mob that holds an obsidian blade.

Ethereal Ender core, made with an enderpearl, cry stone, and cryo crystals.

The Ethereal Enderman, an enderman which traveled to the ethereal, got smart and formed an army. Strong boss with melee and ranged attacks. Drops cryo gems.

Ethereal Plains, Ethereal army can be found here(WIP). Can find opals and cryo gems here

Ethereal Plateau, Ethereal army can be found here(WIP). Can find opals and cryo gems here

Ethereal Highlands, can find opals and cryo gems here

Ethereal Scorched Plains, fire based, fire crystal blocks found here give large amounts of fire quartz


-post 1.0 release, might be formatted weird as this is taken from my discord( https://discord.gg/4p62k79 btw)

-Cryo Blade, made by cryo gems

-Ethereal Berry, not good for you but really easy to eat

-Ethereal berry bush, drops 3 berries

-Ethereal Tall Grass, spawns in ethereal plains, plateau, and highlands

-Ethereal Grass buds, smaller grass, exactly the same as tall grass just smaller

-Ender Bloom, found in surface and Ethereal, drops one ender shard.

-Cragstone, does nothing atm and cant be found anywhere. Does nothing. for now..

-Ender shard. 8 makes 1 enderpearl

-Ethereal Lapis and Emerald ores

-Ethereal Melon, grows in trees

-Lightning flower, grows in Ethereal

-Rose Quartz, useless atm but will be important.

-Multiple Bug fixes, including grass being broken getting dropped.

-Ethereal Bloom, rare flower that drops ender pearls

-Fire Flower, flower found in the scorched plains in the Ethereal

-Lightning Paste, made from Lightning flowers

-Charged Rose Quartz, made from rose quartz and lightning paste

-Rose Quartz Block, made from charged Rose Quartz

-Ghost biome, found in ethereal -Ghost grass,

-Netherrack sand

-Ball of Lightning, crafted from diamonds and lightning paste

-Lightning Blade, made from balls of lightning, cryo gems and lightning paste

-Bar of Life, crafted from Iron, diamond, gold, leaves, and nether dust.

-Earth, a sword made from bars of life and cryo gems

-Ethereal Enderman Rematch, able to be fought when Ancient nether god stage 1 is killed. Summoned the same way the 1st stage is summoned.

-Ancient Nether God, when first stage is killed and the Devil's Anguish hasn't been crafted before, he deems you unworthy and walk away. If the first stage is killed, and the devil's anguish is crafted, and the ethereal enderman stage 2 is killed, the second stage can be fought.

-Demon Soul, dropped by Zombie Pigman after the Ancient Nether god stage 1 killed.

-Devil's Anguish, combination of Cryo Blade, Lightning blade, Earth, and a demon soul.


-The Story-

Open the radio to progress story.

Basically you have amnesia and are crash landed on a foreign planet and you need to improve your world so your old planet.

progresses when you mine stone, mine iron, mine diamond, use a computer, go to the nether, kill the Obsidian elemental, go to the ethereal, and kill the ethereal enderman.




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Cool Remasterization! also can you put in the description weapons,blocks,etc what they do. it will help the mod page to be greater!