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Published by MixxC on Sun, 02/09/2020 - 21:34
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NOT FEATURED: Emstyl, Dirstyl, or Colstyl

Welcome to my second ever mod! The "Crystals Mod"!


Basic Idea:

Most materials now have a "crystal" counterpart, which can be grown in the Growth Chamber. Each crystal can be used to craft a specialized tool/item.


How to Obtain Crystals:

To get crystals, place a material in the top slot of the Growth Chamber and a Basic Crystal in the bottom slot. To obtain Basic Crystals, place Raw Crystals in both slots.


Crystal Types/Uses:

Renstyl: Made from redstone, used to craft the Mending Station

Statyl: Made from quartz, used to craft the Matter Generator

Lapstyl: Made from lapis, used to craft the Chisel

Irstyl: Made from iron, used to craft the disc and Disc Launcher

Golstyl: Made from gold, used to craft the Smelter

Dirstyl: Made from diamond, used to craft the Diamond Core

Emstyl: Made from emerald, used to craft the Exchange Tablet

Colstyl: Made from coal, used to craft the Quarry and Fuel Core.


New Materials/Tools:

Mending Station: Used to repair any tool with gold blocks.

Matter Generator: Used to generate blocks that can be instantly destroyed.

Chisel: Can turn cobble into stone, stone into stone bricks, and stone bricks into chiseled stone bricks (also works with quartz).

Iron Disc/Launcher: A new ranged weapon that fires discs in quick succession.

Smelter: When right clicked on sand, cobble, iron, gold, or logs, it produces their smelted variant.

Diamond Core: Is used to craft the Hardpick

Diamond Hardpick: Can be used as a quick pickaxe. When right clicked on bedrock, it produced bedrock chips.

Bedrock Chips: Can be used to craft Bedrock Spikes.

Bedrock Spikes: A gravity-affected block that deals damage to any entity(-items) that step on it.

XP Exchange Tablet: When right clicked on valuable blocks, destroys said block and gives the player XP.

Fuel Core: Fuel used for the quarry.

Quarry: When right-clicked with fuel, destroys every block underneath it, and drops the items on top of the quarry.



Recipes can be viewed at this link:

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