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CURRENTLY HAS: 416 MOD ELEMENTS(includes everything)

121 Total Blocks!

This mod is a mod dedicated towards upgrading the nether and adding in some additional endgame items. Currently, there are no tools, weapons, nor armor. I am planning on adding those in the future.

Currently, this mod adds:

43(Approximately) New blocks/plants/ores that spawn in the Nether

1 New ore in the end

2 new dimension: The Netherend Dimension.

3 Ores in the Netherend Dimension

12 Sets of Tools



-Netherite(spawns in the nether, a fiery crystal)

-Oceantic(spawns in the nether, a remnant from the past)

-Darkstone(spawns in the end, a hard crystal)

-Rupheric(spawns in the netherend, a hard metal)

-Codec(spawns in the netherend, a harder metal)

-Onyx(spawns in the nether, a withering gem)

-Glaciac(spawns in the surrend nether, stone cold mineral)

-Firite(spawns in the surrend nether, powerful shards)

-Sharp(spawns in the nether, brittle but STRONG)

-Purite(spawns in the nether, weak and fierce)

-Sirtic(spawns in the nether, bright yellow substance. unknown origin)

-Relicite(spawns in the nether, useless for now)

-Redite(spawns in the nether, usless for now)


Nether Blocks:

-Blue/Fiery/Pink/Purple/Green/Icy/Wither Netherbrick

-Nether Grass(Now has plants able to spawn on it as of V Beta 0.2.1)

-Molten/Icy/Green/Pink Glowstone

-Bright Netherack

-Scarred Netherack

-Dark Netherack

-Fierce/Cooled/Living/Green/Pink/Dark Pink/Purple/Iced/Mossy/Snowy/Repaired Netheracks

-Nether Pumpkin(Can be made into Nether Pumpkin Pie)

-Light Netherack

-13 Ores

-Lava/Packed Nether Ice

-Explosive Netherack



-10 New structures for the Nether

-1 new Surrend Nether Structure

-1 new Surface Structure


Other Blocks:

-6 Ores

-Netherend Block(netherend portal block)

-End Nether Block(base block for netherend)

-Fiery/Iced/Dark x2/Bright/light/Ender/Lava End Nether Blocks

-Netherite/Oceantic/Darkstone/Rupheric/Codec/Onyx/Glaciac/Firite/Sharp Blocks

-Surrend Nether Blocks(Regular/Cobbled/Brick/Bright/Dark/Dead/Living/Withered/Oceantic/Saturated)

-Sharp/Dark/Ocean Glasses

-Sharp/Dark/Ocean Borderless Glasses

-Netherite/Nether Obsidians

-Netherite/Oceantic/Sharp/Onyx/Soulsandstone Bricks

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx Wools

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx/Light/Dark/Blue/Yellow/Colorful bookshelves

-Glassy Sand

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx woods

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx Pillars




-Ender Slime(don't come into contact)

-Netherman(quite rude)

-Nether Spider(boring thing)

-Netherend Spider(less boring thing)



-Nether Pumpkin Pie

-Nether Soup

-Hunger Potion(uncraftable/Creative Only)

-Cooled Nether Soup




The Netherend Dimension is a place of chaos as the forces of Nether and End combine. It is meant as a post Ender Dragon dimension. Currently, it is unfinished. It has 3 ores, and a structure.

-Surrend Nether

The Merge of all the different base dimensions. It appeared after someone thought it was a good idea to stick earthly materials in the netherend portal igniter... Wonder who that could be. It currently has several new blocks and 1 useless ore. For builders I guess right now. Very dark and very foggy.




Next update will be labeled: Dimension Reinvention

-I will focus the update on making even more blocks for the nether, but with a few updates the the other dimensions as well. Done about 59%

-Updating the the Dimensions. Done about 42%

-Adding new Ores. Done about 96%

-I will also add in some new craftable blocks from now existing ones. - Done about 50%

-STRUCTURES!!!! - Done about 45%

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Release: Alpha 0.0.1

-Original Release

Release: Alpha 0.0.2

-Fixed a few problems, Added 3 sets of tools, Added recipe to Portal Igniter

Release: Alpha 0.1.0

-Huge update. Added new dimension, new ores, many fixes, 4 new tool sets, mobs

Release: Alpha 0.1.1

-Minor update: Added 11 new blocks, fixed nethergrass

-Bug with the Surface Soul, will fix for next update

Release: Beta 0.0.1

-Added 5 New Netherbricks, new toolset, new ore

Release: Beta 0.0.2

-Added 1 new netherbrick, 7 structures, 1 glass, 1 ore, 2 toolsets, several other new blocks

Release: Beta 0.2.0

-Added 5 New Types of glass, fixed sharp glass, 3 new surrend nether blocks, 2 new obsidians, nether ice, 5 new bricks, soulsandstone now spawns in the nether, added cobbled soulsandstone

Release: Beta 0.2.1

-Added 8 new bookshelves, 3 new wools, 4 new ores, 3 new nether plants, 3 new wood types, glassy sand, others

Release: Beta 0.2.3

-Added 3 new pillars, removed problem structure, 6 new structures added in place, 2 new toolsets, 1 new ore(Redite) + block, 1 new block

Modification download files

Cool Mod! You can may add Onyx when you hit a mob he get wither for 10 sec .D

Nice mod :)
Some textures are a bit too brully (for example that black end ore or the Nether grass in the image). If you did them with,disable antialiasing and they will look a lot more minecrafty :)

Submitted by Goldorion on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 15:21

Nice mod for the nether I think !