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CURRENTLY HAS: 592 MOD ELEMENTS(includes everything)

168ish Total Blocks!

This mod is a mod dedicated towards upgrading the nether and adding in some additional endgame items. Currently, there are no tools, weapons, nor armor. I am planning on adding those in the future.

Currently, this mod adds:

43(Approximately) New blocks/plants/ores that spawn in the Nether

1 New ore in the end

2 new dimension: The Netherend Dimension.

3 Ores in the Netherend Dimension

14 Sets of Tools



-Netherite(spawns in the nether, a fiery crystal)

-Oceantic(spawns in the nether, a remnant from the past)

-Darkstone(spawns in the end, a hard crystal)

-Rupheric(spawns in the netherend, a hard metal)

-Codec(spawns in the netherend, a harder metal)

-Onyx(spawns in the nether, a withering gem)

-Glaciac(spawns in the surrend nether, stone cold mineral)

-Firite(spawns in the surrend nether, powerful shards)

-Sharp(spawns in the nether, brittle but STRONG)

-Purite(spawns in the nether, weak and fierce)

-Sirtic(spawns in the nether, bright yellow substance. unknown origin)

-Relicite(spawns in the nether)

-Redite(spawns in the nether)

-Bloodscale(Spawns in the nether, Best resource now.)


Nether Blocks:

-Blue/Fiery/Pink/Purple/Green/Icy/Wither Netherbrick

-Nether Grass(Now has plants able to spawn on it as of V Beta 0.2.1)

-Molten/Icy/Green/Pink Glowstone

-Bright Netherack

-Scarred Netherack

-Dark Netherack

-Fierce/Cooled/Living/Green/Pink/Dark Pink/Purple/Iced/Mossy/Snowy/Repaired Netheracks

-Nether Pumpkin(Can be made into Nether Pumpkin Pie)

-Light Netherack

-13 Ores

-Lava/Packed Nether Ice

-Explosive Netherack

-Netherscale Chunk and block



-10 New structures for the Nether

-Many new structures for the Netherend(Lost count)

-Many new Surrend Nether Structure(Lost count)

-1 new Surface Structure


Other Blocks:

-6 Ores

-Netherend Block(netherend portal block)

-End Nether Block(base block for netherend)

-Fiery/Iced/Dark x2/Bright/light/Ender/Lava/Killer/Poisoned/Oceantic/Blue End Nether Blocks

-Netherite/Oceantic/Darkstone/Rupheric/Codec/Onyx/Glaciac/Firite/Sharp Blocks

-Surrend Nether Blocks(Regular/Cobbled/Brick/Bright/Dark/Dead/Living/Withered/Oceantic/Saturated/


-Sharp/Dark/Ocean Glasses

-Sharp/Dark/Ocean Borderless Glasses

-Netherite/Nether Obsidians

-Netherite/Oceantic/Sharp/Onyx/Soulsandstone/Redite Bricks

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx Wools

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx/Light/Dark/Blue/Yellow/Colorful bookshelves

-Glassy Sand

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx woods

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx Pillars

-Oceantic Chair/Table/Countertop/Custom Pillar

-Onyx Table

-Killer Egg

-Custom Painting

-Netherite Custom Pillar

-Custom Potted Plant

-Nether Obsidian Bars

-Nether Log Pile



-Ender Slime(don't come into contact)

-Netherman(quite rude)

-Nether Spider(boring thing)

-Netherend Spider(less boring thing)

-Oceantic/Netherite/Onyx Cow

-Killer Hatchling Boss(Stage 1 and 2) - Spawn with Killer Egg and redstone



-Nether Pumpkin Pie

-Nether Soup

-Hunger Potion(uncraftable/Creative Only)

-Cooled Nether Soup

-Netherite Bread

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx Cookies

-Netherite/Oceantic/Onyx Carrots

-Nether Mush thing




The Netherend Dimension is a place of chaos as the forces of Nether and End combine. It is meant as a post Ender Dragon dimension. Currently, it is unfinished. It has 3 ores, and a structure.

-Surrend Nether

The Merge of all the different base dimensions. It appeared after someone thought it was a good idea to stick earthly materials in the netherend portal igniter... Wonder who that could be. It currently has several new blocks. Very dark and very foggy.



/Post Beta Additions

-3 new blocks

-new toolset


-now in 1.14.4




This mod is now available at curseforge at:

It has the same version. So you can download it from here or there. It wont change anything.

Release type
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
NetherupBeta030.jar - V Beta 0.3.0(Outdated)1.41 MB
Netherup_0.jar - V Release MB
Netherup101.jar - V Release MB
Netherup1144.jar - V Release MB

Release: Alpha 0.0.1

-Original Release

Release: Alpha 0.0.2

-Fixed a few problems, Added 3 sets of tools, Added recipe to Portal Igniter

Release: Alpha 0.1.0

-Huge update. Added new dimension, new ores, many fixes, 4 new tool sets, mobs

Release: Alpha 0.1.1

-Minor update: Added 11 new blocks, fixed nethergrass

-Bug with the Surface Soul, will fix for next update

Release: Beta 0.0.1

-Added 5 New Netherbricks, new toolset, new ore

Release: Beta 0.0.2

-Added 1 new netherbrick, 7 structures, 1 glass, 1 ore, 2 toolsets, several other new blocks

Release: Beta 0.2.0

-Added 5 New Types of glass, fixed sharp glass, 3 new surrend nether blocks, 2 new obsidians, nether ice, 5 new bricks, soulsandstone now spawns in the nether, added cobbled soulsandstone

Release: Beta 0.2.1

-Added 8 new bookshelves, 3 new wools, 4 new ores, 3 new nether plants, 3 new wood types, glassy sand, others

Release: Beta 0.2.3

-Added 3 new pillars, removed problem structure, 6 new structures added in place, 2 new toolsets, 1 new ore(Redite) + block, 1 new block

Release: Beta 0.2.4

-Added 12 new structures(1/2 are variations of others), 11 new blocks for Surrend Nether and End Nether dimensions. Redite can now be obtained through the structures.

Release: Beta 0.3.0

-Added 8 Custom Modeled Blocks, 8 Foods, 1 toolset

Release: 1.0.0

-Added a boss, some new blocks, new weapon, new structures, new plants

Release: 1.0.1

-Added about 5 new blocks, new structure and most importantly will most likely work with more versions of forge-untested apart from how forge will now load it in different versions of forge.

Release: 1.1.0

-Added 3 new blocks, toolset, ported to 1.14.4, a new armor set.

Cool Mod! You can may add Onyx when you hit a mob he get wither for 10 sec .D

Nice mod :)
Some textures are a bit too brully (for example that black end ore or the Nether grass in the image). If you did them with,disable antialiasing and they will look a lot more minecrafty :)

Cool Update! I have a idea, you know there are red nether bricks out of nether warts. And i have the idea, make Fiery Nether Bricks! 2 nether bricks and 2 blaze powder!