Minecraft Infinity (V4 is out!)

Published by Al114 on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 16:11
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Welcome To Minecraft Infinity! A mod that will (hopefully) get a unlimited amount of updates to it! A new version is out! with 51 new elements! (this new update is mostly procedures and bug fixes but still brings a lot of new things to minecraft!)




-Crystal Ore

-blueberry bush

-Orangeberry bush

-stabbyberry bush

-Summoning block (used to summon the Lava Dragon)

-Mossy Wood

-Mud (is replaced with squished mud when you step in it)

-Squished mud (mud, but with your footprints)

-leafy grass

-pebble grass

-Light Ore

-Blueshine Ore

-Cato Ore

-Flamestar Ore

-Diamondstone Ore

-Flametack Ore

-magic stone

-Entrance block (destroys your items when you step on it also turns the time to night)

-night scencing block (if it is day time you take 200 damage this ignores armor and regenerative effects)

-fake Bedrock (you can go right through this. used in the maze to find the way out without destroying your loot...)




-Obsidian Sword

-Obsidian pickax

-Obsidian spade

-Crystal sword

-Crystal pickax

-Crystal spade

-Lavascale Sword

-Lavascale Pickax

-Lavascale Spade

-Shadow Stalf (used to summon the portal to the Bedrock Lands)

-helmet mold (used to create helmets with the enhanced forge)

-chestplate mold (used to create a chestplate with the enhanced forge)

-leggings mold (used to create leggings with the enhanced forge)

-boots mold (used to create boots with the enhanced forge)

-sword mold (used to create swords with the enhanced forge)

-pickax mold (used to create pickaxes with the enhanced forge)

-salt pan (when in saltwater you get salt)

-Bone pickax

-bone sword

-flame sword

-fang staff (summons fangs)

-wind staff (throws you)

-summoning staff (summons a villager)

-Light sword

-Blushine Sword

-Cato Sword

-flamestar sword

-diamondstone sword

-Flametack Sword

-Legendary Iron Sword (all legendary swords were made by nova skin)

-Legendary Diamond sword

-Legendary Light sword

-Legendary Blueshine sword




-Crystal Shards



-magic orb I

-magic orb II

-magic orb III



-Talisman of the Iron Giant (Gives resistance)

-Talisman of the ocelot (gives speed)

-Talisman of the Pyro Mage (gives immunity to fire)

-Talisman of the Orbmaster (upgrades all level 1 orbs to level 2)

-Talisman of the Lucky Steve (gives luck)

-Talisman of the Frosty Mage (extinguishes fire)

-Talisman of the Gladiator (gives absorption)

-wooden Bracelet

-Iron Bracelet

-Mending II Gem (when in a bracelet all types of swords exept legendary ones are instantly repared)

-Day set Gem (time is set to day infinitely)

-XP Gem (you get a constant amount of XP spawned around you !WARNING THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING!)

-stunned effect (basically Slowness)




-Obsidian Armor

-Crystal Armor

-Lavascale Armor

-bone Armor

-Light Armor

-Blueshine Armor

-Cato Armor

-Flamestar Armor

-Diamondstone Armor

-Flametack Armor





-Lava Snake

-Swamp Thing


-Goatman (spawned when goat is struck by lightning)

-Shadow Goat (spawned when goatman is killed)

-Summoner (Spawns a zombie when hit)

-Spider Queen (can climb up walls and turns invisible when hit)

-Lava Dragon (Is just so huge and strong... yeah good luck with him... Size about 10-15 blocks...)

-bedrock Giant (gives you a block of bedrock when killed... that might be useful for something)


-Porse (like a horse but is huge and has wings not sure why is called a porse though...)

-Iron Mech (Hardest mob to make so far with tons of HP and armor)

-Super Gardian (The Hardest Mob to beat, makes the Lava dragon look like a pink tulip)




-mud biome (muddy water and muddy ground? everything a pig would need)

-pebble biome (pebbled grass with trees)

-leafy biome (leafy grass with trees) 







-Blueberry Juice

-Orangeberry Juice

-Stabbyberry Juice



-salted popcorn


AND (about) 105 MORE THINGS! (in total it's 245 mod elements)

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Minecraft Infinity V1.jar - Welcome To Minecraft Infinity! A mod that will (hopefully) get a unlimited amount of updates to it!471.81 KB
Minecraft Infinity v2.jar - welcome to a new update of minecraft infinity V2 to be exact! up your game with this new version that adds 56 more elements!618.95 KB
MinecraftInfinityV3.jar - MInecraft Infinity V3 is Out!1.01 MB
Minecraft Infinity V4.jar - Another new update for this whole new world!1.35 MB