Planetary Voyage

Published by Huabun on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 11:36
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod currently adds:


* A Basalt Layer (starts at y=20)
* A Marble Layer (found in mountain biomes)
* A Slate Layer (found in the savanna & the giant tree taiga)
* A Permafrost Layer (found in cold biomes)
* A Mudstone Layer (found in the swamp & the jungle)
* A Limestone Layer (found in the desert)
* Multiple new blocks
* Pocket Beacons
* 1 new edible
* 1 new liquid
* 2 music discs
* 4 new structures (+ loot tables)
* 2 mobs
* 1 new set of equipment (tools,armor,weapon)
* 6 new ores
* Vanilla ore variants for each new stone layer)
* 1 Battery Block (stores RF)
* If you are below y=15 or in the Nether you'll start burning therefore you'll need a Lava Charm or a Hiker's Delight

Modification files

release (1.0)
*updated a lot of textures
*added Mudstone, Mossy Mudstone, Mudstone Brick, Mossy Mudstone Brick, Worn Mudstone Brick (incl. slabs, stairs, walls)
*added Limestone, Limestone Brick (incl. slabs, stairs, walls)
*added Slate Brick, Mossy Slate (incl. slabs, stairs, walls)
*added Muddy Basalt, Mossy Muddy Basalt (incl. slabs, stairs, walls)
*added 4 new structures
  - Basalt Zombie Spawner (plains, surface)
  - Frozen Dungeon (cold biomes, surface)
  - Mud Dungeon v1 & v2 (jungle, underground)
*added Mud
*added Block of Onyx, Block of Aquamarine
*added Battery Block
  - capacity: 250.000 RF
  - max input/output: 1.000 RF/tick
  - right click: shows current RF stored
*added Permafrost, Permafrost Brick (incl. slabs, stairs, walls)
*added vanilla ore variants for new stone layers)
*added Mudstone Root (jungle)
  - drops 4 sticks
*added Fossile Ore (desert)
  - drops:
    - 100% bonemeal
    - 50% bonemeal
    - 20% bone
    - 5% nautilus shell
    - 2% phantom membrane
    - 3% skeleton skull
*added new loot tables for each new structure
*added liquid hydrogen
*added liquidhydrogen bucket
*added mudzombie
*added mudball
*added music disc: Eerie
*added crafting recipes for each music disc
*bug fixed: all stone variants now have the right hardness except for basalt and permafrost related blocks
*bug fixed: all gold/iron variants & mythril can now be smelted in a blast furnace

beta (0.1.0)
*updated the mod to 1.15.2
*updated a lot of textures
*added Lunatic Bricks
*added Polished Lunatic Bricks
*added Polished Lunatic Stone
*added slab, stair and wall variants of Lunatic Bricks / Polished Lunatic Bricks / Polished Lunatic Stone
*added slabs, stairs and walls for every stone variant (incl. their bricks/polished version)

All new slabs, stairs and walls can be crafted via the stonecutter.

alpha (0.0.3)
*added a Slate Layer (savanna & giant tree taiga)
*added Hiker's Delight (credits to Millenay for suggesting this feature)
*added plant: Frozen Reeds (snowy mountains, snowy beach, snowy tundra, wooded mountains)
*added Onyx
*added Aquamarine
*altered the heat gem recipe
*added a custom music disc (creative only)
*added a new potion effect: chilled
*added Frozen Pearl
*renamed mod to Planetary Voyage
*altered the marble texture
*bug fixed: you no longer burn below Y:15 or in the Nether if you're in creative mode

early alpha (0.0.2)
*added creative tabs
*renamed "Hyper Block" to "Advanced Beacon Base"

early alpha (0.0.1)
*added Lava Charm
*added Sapphire/Mythril Ore
*added a Basalt Layer
*added a Marble Layer (mountains only)
*added custom textures for vanilla ores in theses biomes
*added a custom mob (currently no vanilla spawn) - Basalt Zombie
*added mythril equipment
*added pocket beacons
*added stone cutter recipes for marble and basalt
*added function: whilst being under y=15 or in the nether you'll burn -> lava charm