Blades Mod Discontinued

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This  is a mod with new powerful tools, items and Gems. This is my first mod ever created so it's kinda basic but it's worth a try. :)


Orange's Pickaxe (Recipe: same as original pickaxes but with Orange Gems)

Crystal Axe (Recipe: same as original axe but with Crystals)

Infinity Sword (Recipe: needs 5 diamonds and 1 stick)

Vampire's Blade (Recipe: 3 Purple Gems and 2 sticks)

Ghost's Hoe (same as original hoes but with Ghost Gems)

Purple Gem

Orange Gem

Ghost Gem


Delicious Gem (Food)

Useless Gem (Fuel for Furnance)

Rainbow Blade ( 4 Rainbow Gems and 2 sticks)

Rainbow Flower (Drops Rainbow Gem)

Rainbow Gem (only obtainable from Rainbow Flower)

Purple,Orange,Ghost,Useless,Corrupt,Crystal and Delicious Ores!

Corrupt Gem

Corrupt Blade (4 Corrupt Gems and 2 Sticks)

Water (New fluid)


Portal Igniter

Emerald Sword (same as other sword recipes but with emeralds)

Vampire Flesh (Food)

Expired Plant



New Creative Tab!


Warning: Discontinued! I would love to update this mod but sadly i lost the workspace. I would do everything to recover it but i can't. I'm sorry.

Modification files
Blades Mod 1.0.jar - This is my first mod created so it's basic but it's worth a try. :)400.97 KB

Version 1.0: New items!

Version 1.0.1: Fixed Rainbow Flower Appearing to be unbreakable.

Version 1.4: Added ores! New gem, new Sword and Blade, new Dimension aswell as new igniter, Expired Plant, Vampire's Flesh, obtainable from Expired Plant, reworked on textures and added better ones.

If you want me to add new things then reply me! Don't suggest me hard things as i'm a new MC modder :]

Also be sure to go to my wiki to know about the latest updates and know the recipes!

If you want better textures go to nova skin and find the item sword hoe etc and just recolor it and if you whant them to look different you can add on from there and can upload texture to mcreator!