Smelting Machine - Procedure Tutorial

Published by Matej on Sun, 04/12/2020 - 13:23
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This mod was created for the MCreator tutorial series on YouTube.

The mod

The mod introduces a new furnace-like block which can be used for more efficient smelting, as well as some interesting new recipes. Its functionality is very similair to furnace and it also has some additional visual and audio effects.

Smelting Recipes:

Here are 2 recipes implemented in both mod and the procedure templates:

  • Diamond smelting

Diamond smelting

  • Diamond Sword to Trident

Diamond Sword to Trident

Here are 2 recipes implemented only in the mod:

  • Iron smelting

Iron smelting

  • Gold Sword to Diamond Sword

Gold Sword to Diamond Sword

Useable Fuel:

Here are 2 fuels implemented in both mod and the procedure templates:

  • Coal Block (smelts 10 items)

Coal Block

  • Blaze Powder (smelts 0.5 items)

Blaze Powder

Here is the fuel only defined in the mod jar file:

  • Coal (smelts 1 item)


The tutorial

Watch the tutorial here.

Feel free to explore the mod's workspace and procedure templates :)


This doesnt work for me even though i followed the tutorial step by step, could you please help me?

Can you please help me make my armor model for my mod I wanted to make a 3d model but now I just want an at least close to an accurate model of what the item in hand looks like if you can help I'd gladly appreciate it, I'll even add an item to shout you out. here is what the armor unequipped looks like: