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Thank you for viewing my mod.

The focus of this mod is to change how we store items. No more need for signs and item frames that cost extra resources and block the container when you try to click on it. This mod adds about 78 +/- pre-labeled barrels for storing items which covers most common items. Most store the same amount as a double chest. 2 mining bags for exploring & an explosion proof Obsidian Barrel that is unlabeled for those critical items. All have custom GUIs and sound FX when you open them. Many have special graphics inside and/or pictures outside and a few have external FX. It's a large mod (20Mb) due to all the unique graphics so it comes as a .zip file.

The average barrel texture is 128x128.

Most labeled barrels are made with a Regular Barrel and a sample item.
EX: Barrel + Cobblestone = Cobblestone Barrel.


Some Barrels are intended for multiple items and can be crafted by using either of the items (wool, leaves etc..) This keeps their recipe from being too expensive.
EX: Combine either a gold nugget OR iron Nugget + Barrel = Gold & Iron Barrel.


Most barrels can actually store anything contrary to their label, however a couple barrels are designed for ONLY holding certain items and will ONLY hold those items inside. The "Illuminated Bookshelf" and "Brewing Supplies" are those. The bonus to these barrels is that they will automatically put those items in the correct slots using "shift click.".

Some barrels will emit particles or other things based on the contents they are supposed to hold. (Lava, Ice, Glowstone, Brewing Supplies, Potions)

The Illuminated Bookshelf and Obsidian Barrel use game textures and will change appearance with any texture pack you use.


1. Due to the amount of recipes in this mod I recommend using a mod like JEI or NEI to see all the recipes.

2.This mod is Zipped (compressed) due to the file size. Be sure to extract the .jar file and drop it into your mods folder using WinZip or equivalent.

Modification files
Six6Stars - Zipped (compressed) due to file size. Be sure to extract the .jar file and drop it into your mods folder.16.43 MB

-v1.1.0 Initial Release.