Published by Al114 on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 20:07
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Welcome to another mod of mine! The civilizations mod!

This mod was made to make another missing peace of minecraft: banished villagers and the advancements they made.

in this mod is seven new villagers, sixteen new structures, and one new race: the goblins which have three forms.


-scavenger villager (the classic villager who was banished from his village)

-Scavenger thief (steals emeralds from you as you walk by also will attack if provoked)

-Scavenger Hunter (Hunts animals and zombies)

-Hay Cart (a small wooden Cart filled with hay pulled by villagers)

-emerald Cart (a small wooden Cart filled with emeralds pulled by villagers)

-Stone Cart (a small wooden Cart filled with stone pulled by villagers)

-Maniac (a villager gone insane from being thrown out of his home)


-abandoned dock (oak)

-abandoned dock (birch)

-abandoned dock (spruce)

-beach town

-Dock (birch)

-Dock (oak)


-farm (with hay cart)

-goblin Camp

-maniac Hut

-Scavenger Campsite

-Skeleton ruins

-Small village

-temple of atan



-goblin warrior

-Ice goblin warrior

-Fire goblin warrior

Modification files
The civilizations Mod.jar - Ever wanted more villager like mobs? well now you can with the civilizations mod!2.58 MB

The textures and structures are not detailed enough, otherwise it's a good start.

Although the textures are kind of basic and so are the structures, I can appreciate the effort that would've gone into the mod itself

The textures are undetailed and try building will more shape rather than building a tall box made with wood planks