Thoughtless Reality V1

Published by God_Oh_War on Fri, 04/24/2020 - 04:22
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Adds 2 new biomes, one new structure, 2 new sets of armor, and 2 weapons (alot of 2) This mod took a few weeks because it kept crashing, it turns out that was because the blood dungeons spawn rat was WAY TOO HIGH now its fixed, the ice staff and OP oneshot are currently creative only because OP one shot is a creative tool and the ice staff will be brought to survival at a later date when i add the ice dungeon! i hope you enjoy the mod!

Modification files
Thoughtless Reality V1 ........jar - the download169.72 KB

Help! In your biomes I can see that you managed to layer the ground from Grass to dirt. I can't figure this out. I can only make Grass the whole way to bedrock. PLEASE help me I'm stumped.