Spacecraft(story mod)

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Story-Spacecraft,it's a story mod created by NETEASE,in the China version of MINECRAFT.Your ship has crashed into a planet,and you'll need to get oxygen to survive.

Press h for in-game help

You'll get recipes at game startup

watch your tempreture,DONOT be too cold(<20 degrees) or too hot(>=40)

break the SOLIRITE(pink-orange flower) to get SOLIRITE GEM

put batteries into oxygen generator and press CONVERT ELECTRICITY

put OXYGEN BOTTLE into it,then put SOLIRITE GEM,and click CONVERT.

stay in water to decrease your tempreture,IN a torch,wall torch to increase.


WARNING:help is not complete :(

WARNING:do NOT try to DIG the shipwreck,please!

Modification files
spacecraft story mod - Source MB
spacecraft story mod - Source MB


Added "glene on a stick",similar to "carrot on a stick" but no "boost" effect and only "lures" alien/alien shooters.

2.2.1 RELEASED Shipwreck now fixable!Added music disk "Minecraft(bonus track)" and now aliens/alien shooters will drop a RARE music disk and a EXTREMELY RARE "wrench"to fix it...

2.2.0 RELEASED Added "glene":

eating adds 2 oxygen

probably get different level of effect "solirite's prize"(up to level 50!) that DECRESE the consume of oxygen,making it a lot easier to survive.

time:10 sec or more

now cannot insert items in miner using hopper

2.1.2 RELEASED Added miner;Optimized recipe unlocking

Usage of miner:

Place it on top of an ore(Does NOT work with mods in other combined mods),then it will infinitly generate an ingot/coal every 9~15 seconds

Recipe:Shapeless,every ore in Vanilla Minecraft and in this mod

2.1.1 RELEASED(Too old,release removed)

SMASHING UPDATE Added alien shooter,aliens attack monsters,fixed new shipwreck for every world enter(maybe?),better oxygen generating:

OLD:collect ore,create oxygen,use oxygen,and after created another "piece" of oxygen,it shows OXYGEN LEFT:0%...

1.5.0 RELEASED fixed shipwreck destroying crops,generating strange drop(DEPRECATED)

1.4.2 changed OXYGEN REFILL to OXYGEN BOTTLE,improved help

1.3.0 oxygen generator block now can store electricity,added in-game help

1.2.6 added shipwreck

1.1.3 added biomes

1.1.0 added base item

BIG NOTE:please use JEI,if no version supports 1.15.2 is avaliable,submit to the discussion and I'll "teach" the recipes.