DLC: Enderum

Published by MMG on Sun, 05/10/2020 - 19:40
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This mod will not recive further updates. I will use idea of Enderum in one of my possible upcoming mods.


First official MMG minecraft DLC is here. This one is smaller. It adds new block. Enderum







It work's like bed. You right click it. And it will respawn you on top of it. But. If you break it and doesn't build anything near that spot. Your spawn point stays there.

Tip: If you breake Enderum, it will not drop itself but 8 obsidian and ender pearl


So. Yes rewards. When you respawn. Enderum will give you random item like endstone (most common), coal, iron, diamond and more. It have some cooldown so you cannot cheat the system.



Dimensional Dump

Dimensional dump is a new dimension added by this mod. You get teleported here using enderum. Enderum have 1% chance to teleport you there after respawn. It's pretty dark dimension with endermans and 2 types of currupted endermans. You can find energy crystals there and complexes with great loot.

Only way of getting out of there is dying or building really easy portal with using dark matter onto frame from matter blocks.


Enderbeast and Ender Watcher

2 corrupted types of enderman. These can't teleport, are immune to water and are aggresive. These 2 types are also competetive between each other



Matter is essential component for first survival in Dump. It can be crafted into many things. Check JEI or NEI (I don't know which one is for 1.15)



Are randomly generated dungeons with lots of loot and spawners.



Overchests are small chests randomly generated in complexes with random loot. They can be mined and take somewhere else.

Modification files
Enderum1.0.jar - Enderum - 1.0 - First release (1.14)43.74 KB
Enderum1.1.jar - Enderum - 1.1 - Lighning update (1.14)43.57 KB
Enderum1.2.jar - Enderum - 1.2 - Rewards and risks (1.15)2.81 MB
Enderum1.2.1.jar - Enderum - 1.2.1 - Patch2.81 MB


-Ender watcher now spawns only in dimensional dump




-added light level 15 to Enderum

not bad but don't you think that its a bit costly to just set your spawn point?

Main idea was that you can destroy it and you get back some obsidian + your spawn point will remain where it was. It's expensive also becosue it had to had some extra effects, but that will come in next update. Until then. Its cool to have this like spawnpoint + you can flex that you can afford it. I forgot how to make those extra features back when I was developing this mod but now I know how to do it. I will send you message once I will release update.

Good mod but you should probably brighten the images a bit since it's hard to see them at low luminosity