World Overhaul

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod will add several new biomes, items, enemies and dimensions to minecraft

In it's current state, the mod is still in heavy development, and some items are pointless and some features are broken.


IMPORTANT: Current version of the mod is VERY unstable and unfinished, I haven't updated this in a while and i wanted to give you everything new that i have been working on

check the changelog for updates and to see if you would enjoy the mod


Thanks to Paz for help with model animation!

Modification files
worldoverhaul v0.1.jar - the first version of the mod :) I will never delete this from the site413.64 KB
WORLDOVERHAUL VERSION [UNKNOWN].jar - Huge update, added candy biomes and dimension, new mobs and several new blocks and decoration1.91 MB

v0.1 - Added tons of obsidian items and blocks along with the obsidian forest and cool nether in the new cool nether dimension, as well as cold magma (which is supposed to be thicker and slower, I will fix that). Tons of metals added with the Metal Compressor, which allows you to combine two kinds of metal mushes to make an alloy (e.g: copper mush + zinc mush = brass mush) or combine two of the same mush to create an ingot. Currently all metals just exist and have no purpose yet, if you plan on playing this mod I suggest get a ton of ingots before the items are implemented just to be ready ;)

Just for the people who really like to dig through the files, no, cupronickel isn't some sort of removed feature or whatever, I just haven't implemented it yet


v0.2 (VERSION [UNKNOWN]) - Added new metals (Cupronickel, Sodium, Lithium, Lead, etc.)

Added armors for some of the metals (Didn't add the others because i deleted the elements for old stability reasons) 

Added new basic mobs:

-Gingerbead pig

-Alien (normal, warrior, charger and miner)



Added new dimensions/biomes:

-Candyland biome

-Tea Fields biome

-Candy Dimension

-Moon Biome/Dimension (inaccesible)



Gas Separator won't separate a bottle of air into four other gases

Leaf Grinder won't turn tea leaves into black tea

Brass Megacrafting Bench doesn't open GUI, just crashes game

Some recipes may be missing (please tell me in comments)

Sodium, Potassium, KLi and NaK blocks are supposed to create explosions if they are next to water, and their armors should explode you when you enter water

The leaves in the candy dimension will disappear as  if they aren't next to wood

Custom mobs may not appear

You can't seem to enter the moon dimension

Alien warriors may kill other aliens

The aerolight doesn't give off light

Tapioca leaves are rarer than your existence

Icecream is unobtainable in survival

Excited to try, would appreciate some pictures though, if you're using Windows you'll automatically have the snipping tool :DD

Hello! I'm currently new to Minecraft modding and would like to learn a bit more and help some people with their mods. I realized you put a note in the description of this mod saying you needed help animating mobs. I'm currently working with a program called Block Bench and I would say I'm decent and texturing and animating. If you're interested in my help then I will send you my Email to talk more.