Tardisium Mod

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The TardisiumMod is a Minecraft Mod bassed on two new ore ; the Sky Gem and the Tardisium Ingot.

My mod containt ;

  • Two new dimensions
  • Two new ores
  • Three new armors
  • One new furnace and one new "fusion table"
  • One new chest
  • One new biome and one new mob.
  • One new fuel.

My mod is a Stable mod, is my first mod.

  • One "easter egg"


For help join the discord : https://discord.gg/AfraN64

Modification files
TardisiumMod+-+1.5.6.jar - Update 1.5.6 - MB

-Changelog du 16/05/2020 :

  • Updated to 1.15.2
  • Released
  • Improved textures
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Added crafts, blocs, dimensions
  • And a big return of me !

Hi can i maybe be tester you can msg me on discord my discord is CroxyMC#6544