Published by TimLuK on Sun, 08/11/2019 - 20:50
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You want to let Minecraft as it is, but want also some new and old things? Do you want the rose back? Or want the quiver?

This Mod adds many new structures, mobs, ores and blocks, like Marble, into the game and also has some secrets!


Any Suggestions are very appreciated!

This Mod is still WIP

Needs Version 1.12.2

Should work with every other mod.


Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
VanillaPlusPlus1.0.0.jar - Release of the Mod1.6 MB
VanillaPlusPlus1.0.1-Alpha.jar - Bugfixing Update1.61 MB
woodycolorsupdate-1.2.0-alpha.jar - Woody Colors Update1.69 MB

Changelog Version 1.0.0-Alpha

Tools and Armor

  • Added Ender Tools and Armor
  • Added Copper Tools and Armor
  • Added Emerald Tools and Armor
  • Added Ruby Tools and Armor
  • Added Obsidian Pickaxe
  • Added Volcanium Sword
  • Added Amethyst Armor
  • Added Sky Tools

Blocks and Ores

  • Added Ruby Ore
  • Added Basalt (only one Biome)
  • Added Volcanium Ore (only one Biome)
  • Added Nether-ish Stone Bricks
  • Added Limestone
  • Added Limestone Bricks, Limestone Bricks and Polished Limestone
  • Added Sulfur
  • Added Ender Quartz Blocks (Pillar, Chiseled and just Quartz like)
  • Added Enderstone
  • Added Endersand
  • Added Sky Blocks
  • Added Clouds as blocks
  • Added Rhyolite
  • Added Polished Rhyolite and Rhyolite Stone Bricks
  • Added Gabbro
  • Added Marble
  • Added Marble Stone Bricks
  • Added Copper Ore
  • Added Amethyst Ore
  • Added Ender Ore
  • Added Ruby Block
  • Added Ender Block (needed for new dimension)
  • Added Crying Obsidian
  • Added Glowing Obsidian
  • Added Dirt Slab (WIP)
  • Added Ender Quartz Slabs
  • Added Dark Mushroom Blocks
  • Added OG Dirt
  • Added Nether Core Reactor (Way Too Much WIP)
  • Added Furniture (Table and Chair)
  • Added Mud


  • Added Rose
  • Added Cyan Flower
  • Added Bamboo
  • Added Plain and Snow Bushes (just like the Dried Bush in the Desert)
  • Added Dried Flower
  • Added Cave Plant
  • Added Paeonia
  • Added Cornflower
  • Added Different Grass
  • Added Different Bush


  • Added Erupted Region
  • Added Bamboo Land
  • Added Glitched Nether
  • Added Dark Mushroom Biome
  • Added Enders Cave
  • Added Mudland
  • Added Biome
  • Added Ice Desert (WIP)


  • Added Vanilla Dimension
  • Added Sky Dimension


  • Added Jeb_
  • Added Volcano Monster
  • Added Stone Creeper
  • Added Pigman
  • Added Netherfish
  • Added CaptainSparklez
  • Removed Herobrine


  • Added Volcanium Ingot
  • Added Steel Ingot
  • Added Copper Ingot
  • Added Ender Ingot
  • Added Ruby
  • Added Emerald Powder
  • Added Emerald Melon
  • Added Emerald Dust
  • Added Emerald Rod
  • Added Sulfur Dust
  • Added Amethyst
  • Added Quiver (WIP)
  • Added Coconut (WIP)
  • Added Mud (as an Item)
  • Added Dried Flesh

Advancements (WIP)

  • Added "Creeper? Aw Man"
  • Added "Nether In The Over World!"


  • Mud
  • Ender (WIP)

Changelog Version 1.0.1-Alpha


  • Ruby Ore and Amethyst Ore are rarer and can only be found in Hills (Desert Hill, Extreme Hills)
  • Dirt Slabs have are now improved and can be destroyed easier


  • Added Recipe for the Golden Apple and the Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Added Hot Water

Changelog Version 1.2.0


  • Added Colored Woods
  • Added Chains
  • Added Gold Chains
  • Added Recipe for Chain Armor
  • Added Golden Chain Armor
  • Added Muddy Slimes
  • Added Advancement: "Hot Water" (WIP)

Changelog Version 1.2.1


  • Added Black Sand
  • Added White Sand
  • Added Sapphires
  • Added Sapphire Ore
  • Added Cobalt Ore
  • Added Cobalt Tools
  • Added Tesseract
  • Added Compressed Cobblestone
  • Added things from version 19w34a
  • Added Sea Grass (WIP)
  • Added Sweet Berry Bushes
  • Added Bee

I am making a mod with the same premise, and we both added in 3 of the same flowers lol. (cyan rose, rose, and peony)