Sakura Forest

Published by itayfeder on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 16:08
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Welcome to Sakura Forest

Sakura Forest is a new mod that adds the Sakura Forest biome, a new biome with small hills and vibrant colors. A perfect place to build a house!
The biome in all of it's beauty
Sakura Forest also adds a new wood type: Sakura Wood! This new wood type is a vibrant magenta, and can be used to create almost every block you can make with vanilla wood! Plus, it looks incredible! Another little touch is that the doors have a little paper wall design in them.

Inside that biome, you can find the Dojo, a new structure filled with loot and a new mob, the Ninjaller!
The Ninjaller is an illager-like mob, that throws Shurikens at players and villagers! You can pick up the shurikens from the floor, and then throw them at mobs.
Dojo with 2 ninjallers

At night, a new creature spawns, the Kitsune!
This fox spirit wanders around the forest and disappears when you try to hit it or at daylight. Who knows what these friendly ghosts hide...

Have a suggestion? Found a bug?

If you have found anything wrong with the mod, be sure to send it here, or to me in discord at itayfeder#6487
Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this mod! 

Modification files
sakura_forest_1.0.0.jar - First version of Sakura Forest163.61 KB

Sakura Forest version 1.0.0 Changelog:
- Added the Sakura Forest

- Added sakura wood, planks, stairs, slabs, fence, fence gate, button, pressure plate, door and trapdoor
- Add the Dojo structure
- Added Ninjallers
- Added Shurikens
- Added Kitsune

Looks really cool! Oh.. I also wanted to make a japanese themed mod...

love the leaf color! I' adding this to my playset when I get to play!!

Nice i love sakura trees ! and the mobs are nice too! and the blocks also really nice addition to a modpack!