In The Underground [no longer updated :(]

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Have you ever went mining and your inventory was full of granite, diorite, and andesite? Well this mod adds way more inventory clutter! This mod also adds a new type of ore, Agate! Agate is 3x as strong as iron and is very rare. When your mining watch out for Gneiss Soapstone and Travertine! (Don't get unakite it's ugly) (cant update any more, i had my computer factory reset, and lost my files :( )

V2 (The Beauty Update) adds-

dyed stone

Stone Forests (Grassy Stone and Petrified Trees)

Iris Agate (no use yet)

Ash Deserts

Sulfur and Saltpeter (to craft gunpowder)

"Better" Unakite Texture


Ore Flowers Can't Grow On Grassy Stone

Agate Might Be Too Rare

Can't Figure Out How To Make A TNT


To add- More Ore Types, Chisled Variants, Endless Mine dimension, C-4, Ender Agate,Grinder, Hardened Concrete, Powders  and More!

Comment ideas!!! Please

Modification files
In The Underground.jar - adds more stone types433.6 KB
In The Underground V2.jar - adds prettier stone types530.79 KB

V2 done! next, Discontinued!

Looks neat :D Although you should consider improving the title and images for your mod and possibly making some of the new rocks biome specific since all together it makes caves look quite dirty in a bad way.