Published by Nayzal on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 03:08
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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What Is Revisit?

Revisit is a mod that attempts to add back many unused or removed features from earlier Minecraft. This includes blocks, items, and even music that was removed.


  • Rubies (Block and Ore Variants)
  • GearsĀ (Currently useless, will probably change in the future)
  • Roses and Cyan Flowers
  • Plate Armour
  • Studded Armour
  • Calm4.ogg, added as a music disc with the name "Magnetic Circuit"
  • Pigmen (Will eventually be given a practical use)
  • Glowing Obsidian
  • Planked Face Block (Six sided piston)
  • Sticky Planked Face Block (Six sided sticky piston)

Constructive criticism is welcome, please note this is my first mod and is still in development!

Make sure to report any bugs in the comments, and please leave feedback!

Modification files
Revisit.jar - Revisit Mod Download (1.0.0)2.51 MB
Revisit-1.0.1.jar - Revisit Mod Download (1.0.1)2.51 MB
  • Added Sticky Planked Face Block
  • Changed Magnetic Circuit texture
  • Changed Magnetic Circuit crafting recipe
  • Added recipe for Red Dye from Rose
  • Added recipe for Cyan Dye from Cyan Flower

When a 1.16 generator comes out, the pigmen are similar to the piglins. Make the pigmen interact with piglins and re add zombie pigmen.