I Troll U — Trolling Mod

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= I Troll U =


 😌 Inspired by: ahig's Practical Pranks

 📝 Mod Idea: Andrew2016TYT

 🎨 Designed by: Andrew2016TYTMOJANG

 ⌨️ Coded by: Andrew2016TYT, MCreator

 🌎 Languages:

  •  🇺🇸 English (US) (Andrew2016TYT)
  •  🇷🇺 Russian (Google Translate)
  •  🇫🇷  French (Crowdin & Google Translate)
  •  🇺🇦  Ukrainian (Crowdin & Google Translate)
  •  🇩🇪  German (Crowdin & Google Translate)
  •  🇮🇹  Italian (RaolTheBest)

  💻 Used Programs: paint.net, Opera, MCreator, Java, Blockbench, Notepad++, WinRAR, Audacty, Windows 10.



Mod Documentation

I Troll U is trolling mod that was made in 2016 year for 1.9.2. First mod name was TrollStuff. Now it have 42 unique trollings!


Trollings List:

  • Do Not Build! - works only in multiplayer - hit any player to disable building for him.
  • Fake Golden Apple - giving a lot of bad effects.
  • Fake Diamond Sword - 0 attack damage ;)
  • Phantom Blocks - you can walk through them, also you can make a lot of traps.
  • Fake Diamond Armor - even worse than leather one.
  • LOL Fli / LOL Plates - a lot of damage when hitting someone.
  • Piston Bomb - going to explode when getting redstone power.
  • Rainbow Wool - clears player inventory when destroyed.
  • Troll Shears - just one usage (future planning: killing sheeps by right-click).
  • Secret Chests - hide your items there (future planning: acacia and dark oak types).
  • Surprise - go burp.
  • Tall Cobweb - slowly growing up (max. 14 blocks).
  • Building Locker - going to explode whel destroyed.
  • Troll Arrow - can't be used.
  • Troll Bed - going to explode when tried to be placed (future planning: new bed model).
  • Troll Cake - going to small explode when right-clicked.
  • Troll Coal / Charcoal - usage: 20 items per 1s of smelting.
  • Troll Chorus - going to teleport player under the bedrock...
  • Troll Cookie - giving a lot of bad effects.
  • Troll Crafting Table - going to explode when right-clicked.
  • Troll Diamond - factically junk.
  • Troll Diamond Ore - unbreakable, if exploded, drops a dead brush.
  • Troll Ender Pearl - going to dupe when right-clicked, factically junk.
  • Troll Hoe - making a coarse dirt from normal one.
  • Troll Lava - if in survival mode, when going to inventory, flushes to a player.
  • ​Troll Milk - going to clean inventory when drinked.
  • Troll Ore - going to explode whed destroyed.
  • Troll Pickaxe - just one usage.
  • Troll Reeds - factically junk.
  • Troll Sapling - factically junk.
  • Troll Sounds - going to play spooky sounds.
  • Troll Sword - 512 attack damage...
  • Troll TNT - places diorite instead exploding. (72397)
  • Troll Totem - factically junk.
  • Troll Water - factically lava.
  • Troll Toilet - works only in multiplayer - hit any player to fill his inventory by 💩 💩 💩 .
  • Troll Nether Portal - going to kill player that will go inside.
  • Splitterfish - splits in PVE. (72394)
  • Explosive Planks - going to explode when redstone signal on. (71936)
  • Troll Command Block - going to explode when right-clicked (72398)
  • Troll Structure Block - going to explode when right-clicked (72398)
  • Troll Potion - going to kill player that will right-click with it in hand (72401)

Crafting Recipes:


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  • Fixed Fake Diamond Armor Bug.
  • Added Splitterfish.
  • Added Explosive Planks.
  • Added Troll Command/Structure Blocks.
  • Changed Function for Troll TNT.
  • Added Troll Potion of Regeneration.
  • Added Troll Nether Portal.
  • Added Troll Toilet.
  • Added Translates for: French, Ukrainian, Deutsch.
  • Some minor bugfixes...

  • Added Translate for: Italian.


  • Language file (.lang) became 2x smaller.
  • Secret Chests are working again.
  • Some minor updates and bugfixes.

Submitted by 42506 on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 11:42

HOW DID YOU MAKE THE CHEST WORK?!?! I can't get mine to work. it just drops the items and I can't pick them up. I could tell you how to do THAT as a troll, but I want MY chest to work.

When creating a block, turn on "Container". Create a GUI, in main menu of GUI editor, select your block in the container list. In the GUI maker menu, select "Turn on inventory" option and create amount of slots what was selected on block creating. Every slot needs to be connected for your container. That's all!

Submitted by 42506 on Thu, 03/07/2019 - 00:56

Could u add a .mcr file? I want to see how the chest is made.