I Troll U — Trolling Mod

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= I Troll U =


 😌 Inspired by: ahig's Practical Pranks

 📝 Mod Idea: Andrew2016TYT

 🎨 Designed by: Andrew2016TYTMOJANG

 ⌨️ Coded by: Andrew2016TYT, MCreator

 🌎 Languages:

  •  🇺🇸 English (US) (Andrew2016TYT)
  •  🇷🇺 Russian (Google Translate)
  •  🇫🇷  French (Crowdin & Google Translate)
  •  🇺🇦  Ukrainian (Crowdin & Google Translate)
  •  🇩🇪  German (Crowdin & Google Translate)
  •  🇮🇹  Italian (RaolTheBest)

  💻 Used Programs: paint.net, Opera, MCreator, Java, Blockbench, Notepad++, WinRAR, Audacty, Windows 10.



Mod Documentation

Translate on Crowdin.net

I Troll U is trolling mod that was made in 2016 year for 1.9.2. First mod name was TrollStuff. Now it have 42 unique trollings!


Trollings List:

  • Do Not Build! - works only in multiplayer - hit any player to disable building for him.
  • Fake Golden Apple - giving a lot of bad effects.
  • Fake Diamond Sword - 0 attack damage ;)
  • Phantom Blocks - you can walk through them, also you can make a lot of traps.
  • Fake Diamond Armor - even worse than leather one.
  • LOL Fli / LOL Plates - a lot of damage when hitting someone.
  • Piston Bomb - going to explode when getting redstone power.
  • Rainbow Wool - clears player inventory when destroyed.
  • Troll Shears - just one usage (future planning: killing sheeps by right-click).
  • Secret Chests - hide your items there (future planning: acacia and dark oak types).
  • Surprise - go burp.
  • Tall Cobweb - slowly growing up (max. 14 blocks).
  • Building Locker - going to explode when destroyed.
  • Troll Arrow - can't be used.
  • Troll Bed - going to explode when tried to be placed (future planning: new bed model).
  • Troll Cake - going to small explode when right-clicked.
  • Troll Coal / Charcoal - usage: 20 items per 1s of smelting.
  • Troll Chorus - going to teleport player under the bedrock...
  • Troll Cookie - giving a lot of bad effects.
  • Troll Crafting Table - going to explode when right-clicked.
  • Troll Diamond - factically junk.
  • Troll Diamond Ore - unbreakable, if exploded, drops a dead brush.
  • Troll Ender Pearl - going to dupe when right-clicked, factically junk.
  • Troll Hoe - making a coarse dirt from normal one.
  • Troll Lava - if in survival mode, when going to inventory, flushes to a player.
  • ​Troll Milk - going to clean inventory when drinked.
  • Troll Ore - going to explode whed destroyed.
  • Troll Pickaxe - just one usage.
  • Troll Reeds - factically junk.
  • Troll Sapling - factically junk.
  • Troll Sounds - going to play spooky sounds.
  • Troll Sword - 512 attack damage...
  • Troll TNT - places diorite instead exploding. (72397)
  • Troll Totem - factically junk.
  • Troll Water - factically lava.
  • Troll Toilet - works only in multiplayer - hit any player to fill his inventory by 💩 💩 💩 .
  • Troll Nether Portal - going to kill player that will go inside.
  • Splitterfish - splits in PVE. (72394)
  • Explosive Planks - going to explode when redstone signal on. (71936)
  • Troll Command Block - going to explode when right-clicked (72398)
  • Troll Structure Block - going to explode when right-clicked (72398)
  • Troll Potion - going to kill player that will right-click with it in hand (72401)

Crafting Recipes:


Modification files
ITrollU_2.0.2_(2019)_[1.12.2].jar - I Troll U — 2.0.2 (Direct Link)1.01 MB
trollu_2.0.1_translate.zip - Download this if you want to translate "I Troll U" on foreign language! (.lang file inside) — CURRENTLY OUTDATED1.36 KB


  • Fixed Fake Diamond Armor Bug.
  • Added Splitterfish.
  • Added Explosive Planks.
  • Added Troll Command/Structure Blocks.
  • Changed Function for Troll TNT.
  • Added Troll Potion of Regeneration.
  • Added Troll Nether Portal.
  • Added Troll Toilet.
  • Added Translates for: French, Ukrainian, Deutsch.
  • Some minor bugfixes...

  • Added Translate for: Italian.


  • Language file (.lang) became 2x smaller.
  • Secret Chests are working again.
  • Some minor updates and bugfixes.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

I also promoted your mod on our official subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MCreator/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MCreatorModMaker/).

A troll mod as MOTW? Gotta admit, pretty cool. :^) Personally love troll mods myself.

Congrats on MOTW by the way!

first time I see a mod translated into so many languages ​​except Spanish (it is very rare that it is translated into Ukrainian and not Spanish) you should translate it or I could help you

But in "I Troll U 2.0.2" I have planned to add just one new localization (for Italian, by RaolTheBest). However if you translate it to Spanish I will add localization for Spanish very soon (maybe even in 2.0.2)

Dude, it's 2019. You aren't funny. Just grow up; you can't stay in 2012 forever.