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Published by TeoxexYT on Sat, 08/08/2020 - 18:09
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More Clay Mod - By Teoxex

This mod gives a new life to one of Minecraft's least used but also most interesting items: the Clay

In fact, it adds the ability to create clay weapons and armor:

as well as being able to cook and strengthen them!

New update! Crystallized clay added!

P.S. All crafting of the mod can be viewed easily with the use of the Just Enough Items (JEI) Mod


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Minecraft Forge mod
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More_Clay_Mod_1.15.2_BETA3.jar - New update! Added Advancements255.83 KB

New update! Added Advancements

Cool Idea, this is only just material mod I like. Its not that stupid emerald tools THIS is original.

i thought the same: people only make materials that were created or are a copy of one existing, like emerald, obsidian, bedrock, enderite (lastly) and ruby. Clay is a material very useless in vanilla minecraft unless you are a builder, so this is a nice idea!

No please, don't misunderstand me
What I mean is that, if you are doing a new mineral for armour, what you have to think is that the objective isn't resistance or strength, but is evolution

Think about it:
You only want the wood for getting stone
You only want the stone for getting iron
You only want the iron for getting no-tools materials, gold and diamond
You only want gold for... Actually, it's tools are pretty useless
You only want diamond to get obsidian, then go to the nether, then get netherite
Netherite can't give you the habilitie to get new things, but it makes you evolve making the tools inmune to fire and lava
If you make a mineral, in my opinion you have to make it evolve you in some way like that

Nice mod XD I like that player can improve these tools by smelting them :)