Better Decoration

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Better Decoration adds lots more blocks to Minecraft!

Better Decoration can enhance your houses with awesome decoration.

List of blocks:

  • Vertical Planks
  • Coloured Planks
  • Coloured Bricks
  • Kitchen Counters

To craft Vertical Planks, just place a vertical line of 3 of the planks you want to become vertical.

Feel free to suggest things in the comments!

Project members
Lead developer
Texture designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Better Decoration v1.0 [1.15.2].jar - Better Decoration version 1.0 download240.57 KB


  • Added Orange Bricks
  • Added Yellow Bricks
  • Added Lime Bricks
  • Added Green Bricks
  • Added Light Blue Bricks
  • Added Blue Bricks
  • Added Purple Bricks
  • Added Magenta Bricks
  • Added Pink Bricks
  • Added Red Planks
  • Added Orange Planks
  • Added Yellow Planks
  • Added Lime Planks
  • Added Green Planks
  • Added Cyan Planks
  • Added Light Blue Planks
  • Added Blue Planks
  • Added Purple Planks
  • Added Magenta Planks
  • Added Pink Planks
  • Added White Planks
  • Added Light Grey Planks
  • Added Grey Planks
  • Added Black Planks
  • Added Vertical Oak Planks
  • Added Vertical Spruce Planks
  • Added Vertical Birch Planks
  • Added Vertical Jungle Planks
  • Added Vertical Acacia Planks
  • Added Vertical Dark Oak Planks
  • Added Kitchen Counter