Summoning of the Conjurists

Published by Chapface on Wed, 08/19/2020 - 01:52
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Summoning of the Conjurists (SotC) is a mod that adds 2 sets of summoning type gear. Fit with its own mana system.
While more sets, or "classes" are planned for the future, as of now there is:

  • Priest
    Uses the Cross weapon type to summon light-based summons.
    Representing structure is the Priest Church.
    Summons include: Holy Light, Blessedove, and Miracle Knight.
  • Hellspawner
    Uses tomes to summon creatures from the darkest pits of the world.
    Representing structure is the Hellspawner Hideout.
    Summons include: Hellspawned Slug, Darkrawler, and Darachreed.
  • Weaponsmage
    Uses hammers to summon beings forged in magma and born from steel.
    Representing structure is the Weaponsmage Castle.
    Summons include: Forge Dagger, Whirlblade, and Sawstorm.


The mana system is pretty simple. Using summoning items uses up mana, which slowly regenerates up to a max of 20.
Mana regeneration can be increased by wearing Necklaces, or by making and drinking a Mana Regen Potion.
Max mana can be increased by wearing Scarves, or by making and drinking a Max Mana Potion
Mana can also be restored with Mana Potions, crafted with one water bottle and 3 of any potion.


SotC adds two new types of equipment, Scarves and Necklaces.

Scarves go in the head slot. They only grant 1 armor, but give a buff to spawns of it's class.
Necklaces go in the armor slot. Same deal with the scarves, but they give a separate buff.

Summoning items have less durability the higher tier it is. They cannot be repaired without Mending.
Summons will follow the nearest player holding a summoning item of their class. Holding that summons summoning item makes them follow you faster.

All recipes are given in game.


SotC adds 4 enchantments for the summoning items.

  • Duality
    Super rare enchantment, makes summoning items spawn two of it's summon.
  • Level Up
    Only for use on bottom tier summons, gives a strength boost upon summoning. Power is determined by level, caps at III.
  • Withering
    Only for use with the Hellspawner class. Gives summons Wither Touch. Which gives wither to enemies they attack. Caps at II.
  • Blessing
    Only for use with the Priest class. Gives summons Resistance. Caps at II.
  • Enchanting
    Only for use with the Weaponsmage class. Gives summons Speed. Caps at II.

Unbreaking and Mending are also compatible with summoning items.

Taming Summons

Using an expensive item called Rods of Commandment, you can tame summons. This makes them follow you and teleport to you if too far, attack anything you attack, and attack any attackers.
Taming a summon more or less makes them act like tamed wolves, on top of their original behavior.


Modification files
SOTC(V1.0.0).jar - The initial release download of the mod.Uploaded on: 08/19/2020 - 01:52   File size: 1.31 MB
SOTC(V1.1.0).jar - Current version.Uploaded on: 08/28/2020 - 03:20   File size: 1.42 MB


  • Weaponsmage class
    Forged Dagger, Whirlblade, and Sawstorm summons
    Smithing Hammer, Enhanced Forge Hammer, and Deepforged Hammer items
    3 Advancements
    Weaponsmage Castle structure
    Weaponsmage scarf/necklace
  • Summon bonuses (scarves, necklaces, and enchants) are no longer temporary effects.
  • Fixed game crashing bug where arrows would crash the game.
  • Other bug fixes.

Initial release

pretty neat
maybe add some more types of summons and maybe another class if you want to expand it
cool mod

Hey! I featured this mod in my Mcreator MOTW showcase video!

Great mod! Also, how do people create mana systems and such? Have always wanted to! Thought about using an item to represent it but that was too hard to make work properly.

Thanks! And, I'm sure there's a few ways to do a mana system, but how I did it was by adding a player-lifetime global variable for mana (as well as mana regen and max mana, so it could be extended with items). Then had an overlay display the variables. And had the items simply change those variables when used.

See, I always figured it would be done like this, but I have no idea how to create a global variable. Maybe it's just only local in the older versions, but I used to use the old Mcreator snapshots pre-music discs and such, so maybe those just could only do local. I'm going to have to hunt around the workspace for it!

Oh, and another thing. Try submitting for MOTW! This mod I think is good enough to get up there! Also a suggestion, how about NPC summoners that can be traded with or fought? This could depend on whether the player is using certain summoning weapons; i.e. an NPC Priest will trade with you if you have Priest summon weapons, while he attacks you if you have Hellspawner weapons. These NPCs sould use hostile versions of the player summons, and when trading offer you their weapons and enchanted books with the summoning enchantments you added.

Its in the variables section, should be under resources I think.

Also, Im in the works for an update right now, Ive submitted for MOTW a couple times before, but I dont plan on trying again until the update is complete. I was actually going to add a sort of NPC or Miniboss for each class last update, but I didn't because I was in a rush to get the update out due to a game-crashing bug. Im not too sure what I plan for future updates, but there certainly will be new concepts and stuff introduced. Eventually, at least. And thanks for the suggestion!