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Click here to find out how I made the cave biomes in this mod. Just as a warning, I'm not great at explaining things, so this might just leave you confused.

Snapshots can be found on curseforge

This aims to improve minecraft cave generation through the addition of a few new structures, 6 new ore, and 13 new underground cave biomes, many of which can be combined to form combo caves which can bring the count to above 30 caves. 

Current Biomes:
Fungal Cave
Luma Cave
Darkstone Cave
Mossy Cave
Icy Cave
Magma Cave
Crystal Cave
Jungle Cave
Granite Cave
Diorite Cave
Andesite Cave
Sandstone Cave
Prismarine Cave
Mycelium Cave

Different caves can be found at different y levels and some can be found in different biomes. 

While making this mod I watched videos featuring ideas for a minecraft cave update. Some ideas have been borrowed from those videos. You will be able to find most of them just by searching up "Cave mod ideas" on youtube

Modification files

Yeah, I do agree. Sometimes they're too common, and can get in the way. I couldn't really find a good balance on how common to make them, because sometimes they would flood a cave, sometimes they would barely show up.

Yo!! Congrats on MoTW, this actually looks like a really thrilling mod! I gotta check it out in my spare time!!