Dark Descent

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Welcome to my first mod - an exploration based dungeon experience that brings a variety of structures and dungeons for you to set out and conquer!



This is the first release of this mod and there are plans for a new update soon, bringing new expansions to the desert biome! All of the structures currently in the Necromancy section of the mod can be found in Birch, Oak and Plains biomes.



Battletower -


Battletower Night

Battletower Interior


Crypt -

Crypt Entrance

Crypt Deadend

Crypt Room



Extra Structure Examples -


Headstone Night



Necromancer Boss -




There are currently big plans for many new dungeons, mobs and exciting structures in the near future, the next major update will be the desert and will include some terrifying encounters deep within the Mummy's Tomb!




All assets in this mod including images shown here are produced by me, please credit if you use them elsewhere. 

My mod is available for modpacks, but please include a link to this page somewhere within.

I am currently looking for people to help with development of the Mummy's Tomb update, if you think you can help or if you simply have questions about the mod please feel free to contact me on Discord at Chicy3#1462 and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

And lastly, big thanks to the creator of Wesley’s Roguelike Dungeons for help bringing the Crypt to life!

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Hey! I featured this mod in my Mcreator MOTW showcase video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6GwIgi-7Do

Looks Amazing... Idk how much I can help, but some details on what you want for the Mummy Tomb may help and I'll see if I can help

Ow! I had the same idea, it's on pause among my 591916 other ideas of mods . I had created with the aim of adding content to the world! Dead bodies of former adventurers, crystals, crates, pots, purses ....

Good work for your in any case !