Danny Phantom Mod by 2Johnsons

Published by 2Johnsons on Mon, 08/24/2020 - 02:33
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This Mod is based on nickelodeon's Danny Phantom TV Series. 

Ghost Zone Is More Green, Flying While Wearing Danny Phantom's Suit Fixed, CrystalBall-Staff Minions Added, Dani Phantom (Mob) added.

This Mod Includes


Danny Phantom, Dani Phantom, Danny Fenton, Jass Fenton, Jack Fenton, Madeline Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, Vlad Masters, Vlad Plasmius, Box Ghost, Meat Monsters.


CrystalBallStaff, Fenton Thermos, Tuckers Ipod (DPMusic) Ghost Beam(GhostBall:pink/green).


Ghost Zone Land, Ghost Zone Doors, Ghost Zone Portal, Ghost Zone Door, Carboardbox's.



check out my Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDfsbcf48N3if8ehhHcBtA

Check out my Twitter https://twitter.com/jaymemjyt


This Mod was made with Mcreator.

 This Mod is based on Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom TV Series.

 I will be adding the Going Ghost Animation in version 3.2.3+, Princess Doratheain version 3.2.2+, as well as making Dani Phantom smaller in version 3.2.2+.

 I added the key G to get more Ghost Blasted if the game bugs-out

Pylo/Mcreator Please Allow This Mod To Stay Up For More Updates.

Modification files
Danny Phantom Mod V- - Danny Phantom Mod Version MB

I Added ​​​​​​/ Fixed

  • Dani Phantom.
  • Made The Ghost Zone much more Green.
  • Fixed flying in creative while having Danny Phantoms Siut on.
  • Added Minions for the Crystal ball.
  • Cardboard Box 1 and 2 (Pick the better one!)
  • Bug Fixes/Cleaner.
  • Full Survival Crafting.