MiniQuarrys Mod

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Mod version: 1.0
Required Minecraft version: 1.15.2
Created by: SantinoGrosz
Description: This mod adds a new machine, which will allow you to tunnel in a faster and easier way. Also depending on what components you add to your MiniQuarry, its characteristics will change.
How to use: I recommend using a mod that allows you to see the recipes of objects, since they will not be detailed here. To make a MiniQuarry right click on a MiniQuarrys machine with 3 iron blocks, 5 steel plates, 5 redstone and 2 energy devices. Then right click empty handed and you will receive a MiniQuarry. To use it, place it in the desired direction and insert a motor and a speedometer. Then give it a Redstone signal.

Modification files
MiniQuarrysMod 1.0.zipUploaded on: 09/16/2020 - 23:31   File size: 145.16 KB