Useful Blocks 1.8.9

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Hello! This mod in 1.8.9 add blocks to help you!

You can see my blog here:

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Thanks for 75 downloads!


How to instal It?

1 - Download the UsefulBlocks 1.x.0.jar

2 - Open your .minecraft folder

3 - Open the mod folder

4 - Put the UsefulBlocks 1.x.0.jar into your mod folder

5 - Lauch your Minecraft with Forge 1.8.9

6 - Enjoy!


V 1.0.0:

This mod add:

The Useful Ore:

The Useful Powder:

The Strenght Block (when you walk on it, it give you strenght effect wile 1 second)

The Speed Block (when you walk on it, it give you speed effect wile 1 second)

The Invisibility Block (when you walk on it, it give you invisibility effect wile 1 second)


List of bugs:

No bugs for the moment!



1.0.0: First Update

- Add the principals objects of the mod

Modification files
UsefulBlocks 1.0.0.jar - UsefulBlocks 1.0.0.jarUploaded on: 03/09/2016 - 18:53   File size: 30.42 KB