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Published by LazyKudla on Sun, 10/04/2020 - 18:52
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This is my first mod so it's nothing big but i really want have child in minecraft so there we are.
(Sorry if my english is bad but I'm form Poland and I am learning english by myself)

What does this mod do:
-the possibility of adopting a baby or try for a baby with your spouse


- three stages of growing up (baby, tuddler, child)
- you decide when to change the age group

-take children and spouses with you on adventure or leave them in home. They don't die that easy!

-use many of new decorative blocks. They keep coming with every update!


How it's working:

1. If you want to have a spouse you must have one emerald and give it to villager, he tell you where your love is. Then you must give to your love one marriage ring. If you want your spouse to follow you, give him/her a coffe.

2. You make a milk bottle. Chocolate milk for a boy or strawberry milk for a girl. There is also normal milk for random gender
3. You give the bottle to villager ora a spouse and he/she gives you a baby in the cradle in return. 
4. If you want your baby to grow up you have to make a birthday cupcake. Give it to baby and the options with color of hair for toddler will appear. The toddler can wander around the house or follow you.
5.For the toddlers to turn into a children you have to give them another cupcake. Children works just like a toddler but they have inventory whitch you can use and if you want them to follow you, you must give them one candy to special slot in their inventory.




In the future:
(These are just plans and they may not all come true. I'm still learning)
1.More decorative blocks (toys, etc.)
2. Random dialogues spoken by children
3.Maybe a few extra hair colors 


Let me know what decorative toy you want in this mod and I consider it ;)

Modification files
MyFamily_v3-1.15.2.jar - "OLD"Uploaded on: 10/06/2020 - 04:40   File size: 274.56 KB
MineFamily_v4-1.15.2.jar - "OLD"Uploaded on: 10/06/2020 - 20:31   File size: 381.22 KB
MineFamily_v5-1.15.2.jar - "OLD"Uploaded on: 10/07/2020 - 11:30   File size: 518.79 KB
MineFamily_v6-1.15.2.jar - "NEW"Uploaded on: 10/29/2020 - 11:16   File size: 763.68 KB







Some bug fixes




-Decorative block: rug

-Pink color for potty

-Children with brown hair!

-Recipe for Scholarship


Bug Fixes:

-fix: can't remove Baby Boy using Scholarship

-fix some small bugs



-Decorative block: potty

-Item: scholarship (use to remove children!)

-Decorative block: messy
-Inventory for child



-AI of child

-New 3D baby in cradle instead of 2D baby item

Some bug fixes



-decorative block: Crayons
-decorative block: Mess
-decorative block: Ball
-decorative block: Little Bath
-heart particles when kids collide with toys


Some small fixes




  • clocks
  • achievements
  • xp when growing up children
  • toys
  • normal milk
  • random gender when use normal milk


  • the cupcake did not disappear after use
  • name of baby girl
  • some other bugs

Cool mod :D
Can you also add vegetal milk (made of soya, rice... so it is lactose-free)? XD