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This is a mod with new random things that are very helpful (or not)

thicc swords:

Thicc swords can make a huge amount of damage but it makes you slow.

(can be crafted with all not modded ores)

ranged weapons (assault_rifle,shotgun):

They can make a very huge amount of damage and can save you in fights.

poison flower:

Also called "bridats flower" (i dont now why I did choose this name) gives you a poison effect when you walk over it.

Watch out their not good to see in forests (it also makes the poison effect to mobs)!


Modification files
MakeMore-Mod_v1.3.jar - this is the newest version, if you want to have an older version then ask me for it.Uploaded on: 10/06/2020 - 13:20   File size: 501.7 KB

v1.1:the first version

v1.2:added new things

v1.3:deleted the attack_robot   because: texture issues

-rebouilt the aluminum_ore and aluminum_ingot