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Minecraft Forge mod
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A small mod that adds little pebbles to the game. They drop the same thing that their normal stone block drops, but they can be *picked up* with the player's hand, no need for a pickaxe!

I made this mod so people could get stone without a pickaxe and get stone faster (and because I wanted to make a new mod). Very useful :)

Download the mod and enjoy :)

Modification files
Pebbles v1.0 for 1.15.2.jar - 1.0 (Latest Version)17.93 KB

Planned features include more pebbles and spawning pebbles!


  • New mod
  • Added Stone Pebble

the mod looks good, and you modelled a little stone, not much detailed but its ok!
but theres aldready some mods that do that, and those mods are really famous so this mod dont have much chance whit the other mods, but its a nice mod :)

OH MY GOD, THIS IS LEGENDARY. I don't know why i'm so impressed with this mod, it's one small thing - Pebbles! I guess it's because of the fact that it's such a needed and little detail no one ever Thinks about. Nice Mod, Buddy!

I might suggest it in my mod To get you downloads because this sounds like a good mod just no popularity