Nether Update Expanded

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Nether Update Expanded is a vanilla+ mod, currently in Open Alpha Testing, that extends the 1.16 update greatly, with many new features being added every update.

The current version is Alpha 6.21, for Forge 1.15.2. Unfortunately, the mod is not yet available for 1.16, but as soon as we can get support, the mod will be updated for as many versions of 1.16 as possible.

New blocks: 118

New items: 21

New tools: 15

New plants: 3

New trees: 4

New foods: 14

New music discs: 3

New materials of armor: 2

New types of armor: 1

New weapons: 3

New structures: 3

New recipes: 294

New mobs: 3

New advancements: 3

The textures for the Nether Iron, Coal, and Emerald Ores come from a Nether Gold Ore texture made by _Crackers0106 on Reddit (profile:

Known Bugs:

-Destroying a 2+ block high tower of icicle reeds will cause them to start dropping as if the tower went up to the height limit.

-The Soul Lava texture is missing a few frames.

-The Soul Lava Bucket is called the SoulLava Bucket.

I have school and am usually busy, so updates may not come out as soon as expected.

Official website (download older versions here):

You can also download NUE on CurseForge ( or PlanetMinecraft (!

Modification files - This is a resource pack for the mod. Put this in the "resourcepacks" folder, not the "mods" folder!15.38 MB

-Added Polished Monolite

-Added Polished Crimsonite

-Added Polished Netherwarp

-Added Polished Ironite

-Added Polished Soul Slate

-Added Polished Quarsite

-Added Elderrack

-Added Elder Nylium

-Added Elder Wart Block

-Added Elderberry Bush

-Added Elderberries

-Added Elderberry Juice

-Added Elderberry Syrup

-Added Elderberry Pie

-Added Elderberry Cookie

-Added Candy Apple

-Added Sweet Bread

-Added Sugared Baked Potato

-Added Candy Beetroot

-Added Sugar Carrot

-Added Sugary Dried Kelp

-Added Sugary Dried Icicle Reed

-Added Dried Icicle Reed

-Removed Herobrine

this mod looks great! this is pretty great mod, but i'm happy for this mod :)