Nether Update Expanded

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The Biome Testing dimension is now available for everyone to check out! Please note this dimension contains unfinished biomes and as such will likely have issues with generation and lag.


Nether Update Expanded is developed by Herobrine Productions, a group that creates Minecraft modifications and Roblox games!


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Nether Update Expanded is a vanilla+ mod, currently in Beta Testing, that extends the Nether Update greatly, with many new features being added every update.

This mod was created with MCreator.

The current version is Beta 2.22, for Forge 1.19.2.


New blocks: 230
New items: 22
New tools: 13
New plants: 7
New trees: 9
New foods: 17
New music discs: 4
New materials of armor: 1
New types of armor: 1
New potions: 2
New weapons: 3
New structures: 7
New recipes: 347
New mobs: 16


Please report any bugs in the comments or in our Discord server!

Modification files
NUE - Beta 2.22.jarUploaded on: 12/31/2022 - 11:40   File size: 12.17 MB

-Retextured Monolite
-Retextured Monolite Slab
-Retextured Monolite Stairs
-Retextured Monolite Wall
-Added Biome Testing Portal Frame

-Added Biome Testing Portal Igniter
-Removed Soul

-Fixed an issue where Elder Door, Dragon Door, and Frozen Door transparency didn't function properly
-Fixed an issue where the Frozen Door inventory icon was missing

-Updated to 1.19.2
-Removed Herobrine

this mod looks great! this is pretty great mod, but i'm happy for this mod :)