Nether Update Expanded

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Go check out my 3D modeler's mod Skies of Ender as well! Skies of Ender | MCreator

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Nether Update Expanded is a vanilla+ mod, currently in Beta Testing, that extends the 1.16 update greatly, with many new features being added every update.

The current version is Beta 1.21, for Forge 1.16.5.

New blocks: 165

New items: 21

New tools: 9

New plants: 6

New trees: 9

New foods: 17

New music discs: 2

New materials of armor: 1

New types of armor: 1

New potions: 2

New weapons: 2

New structures: 7

New recipes: 336

New mobs: 16

textures for the Nether Iron, Coal, and Emerald Ores come from a Nether Gold Ore texture made by _Crackers0106 on Reddit (profile:

Known Bugs:

-Destroying a 2+ block high tower of icicle reeds will cause them to start dropping as if the tower went up to the height limit.

-The Soul Lava texture is missing a few frames.

-The Soul Lava Bucket is called the SoulLava Bucket.

I have school and am usually busy, so updates may not come out as soon as expected.

Official website (download older versions here):

You can also download NUE on CurseForge ( or PlanetMinecraft (!

Modification files

-Removed Fire Arrows

-Removed Soul Fire Arrows

-Added Corroded Verbo Block (not fully implemented)

-Added Corroded Cut Verbo Block (not fully implemented)

-Added Corroded Cut Verbo Slab (not fully implemented)

-Added Corroded Cut Verbo Stairs (not fully implemented)

-Verbo Blocks now appear under the “verbo_blocks” block tag

-Cut Verbo Blocks now appear under the “cut_verbo_blocks” block tag

-Cut Verbo Slabs now appear under the “cut_verbo_slabs” block tag

-Cut Verbo Stairs now appear under the “cut_verbo_slabs” block tag

-Added Zaronite

-Added Plasphite Ore

-Added Blue Nether Bricks

-Added Light Blue Nether Bricks

-Added Purple Nether Bricks

-Added Pink Nether Bricks

-Added Nether Brick Fence Gate

-Added Red Nether Brick Fence

-Added Red Nether Brick Fence Gate

-Added Blue Nether Brick Fence

-Added Blue Nether Brick Fence Gate

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick Fence

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick Fence Gate

-Added Purple Nether Brick Fence

-Added Purple Nether Brick Fence Gate

-Added Pink Nether Brick Fence

-Added Pink Nether Brick Fence Gate

-Added Blue Nether Brick Stairs

-Added Blue Nether Brick Slab

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick Stairs

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick Slab

-Added Purple Nether Brick Stairs

-Added Purple Nether Brick Slab

-Added Pink Nether Brick Stairs

-Added Pink Nether Brick Slab

-Added Nether Brick Pressure Plate

-Added Nether Brick Button

-Added Red Nether Brick Pressure Plate

-Added Red Nether Brick Button

-Added Blue Nether Brick Pressure Plate

-Added Blue Nether Brick Button

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick Pressure Plate

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick Button

-Added Purple Nether Brick Pressure Plate

-Added Purple Nether Brick Button

-Added Pink Nether Brick Pressure Plate

-Added Pink Nether Brick Button

-Added Frozen Pressure Plate

-Added Frozen Button

-Added Elder Pressure Plate

-Added Elder Button

-Added Dragon Pressure Plate

-Added Dragon Button

-Added Pyrirock Pressure Plate

-Added Pyrirock Button

-Added Quarsite Pressure Plate

-Added Quarsite Button

-Added Red Nether Brick item

-Added Blue Nether Brick item

-Added Light Blue Nether Brick item

-Added Purple Nether Brick item

-Added Pink Nether Brick item

-Added Potion of the Undead

-Added Potion of the Dragon Tamer

-Edited Piglin Bartering loot table:

  • Removed Fire Charge
  • Added Raw Porkchop
  • Increased the amount of Verbo Shards you can receive
  • Increased the amount of Siprute Shards you can receive

-Fixed a bug where Elder and Frozen stems required you to have a stone axe to break them

-Removed Herobrine

this mod looks great! this is pretty great mod, but i'm happy for this mod :)