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Published by lol331 on Mon, 12/21/2020 - 04:34
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This is still in development but is published for anyone to experience.

You can give ideas if you want!

And there are SECRETS!!!!! (note that some of the item secrets are seen in the creative inventory or the all items image)

SPOILER ALERT!!! Read Below If You Want The Spoilers!



Happy Blocks

Bedrock Crafting Recipe Is ALL OBSIDIAN

No Better Crafting Tables I Dunno How To Make Crafting

Bedrockland is totally A Dimension!

Wool And A Pencil to Craft A Happy Block, SPECIFICALLY YELLOW WOOL

Pencils Are Infinite!

More uses for the Pencil Will Be Added Soon!

Maybe Mossy Glowstone Will Be Added???

There Are Totally Spoilers Over Here!

Sad Block NOT Added Yet!!!

tons of this is gonna be not spoilers just... Ideas...


Placable Milk Is Gonna Be Added?????




















Sad Blocks Not Added Yet

No Better Crafting Tables I dunno How To Make Crafting Yet

Placable Milk Added Soon???

Bedrock Crafting Recipe is ALL OBSIDIAN

Modification files
SuperMod-Version0.5.jar - The One I Uploaded First!Uploaded on: 12/21/2020 - 04:46   File size: 103.61 KB
SuperMod-Version0.6.jar - Second One I Uploaded!Uploaded on: 01/13/2021 - 14:58   File size: 243.72 KB
SuperMod-Version0.7.jar - Forgot to Upload Last Time... NOW ITS UPLOADED!!! (Also the third upload)Uploaded on: 01/15/2021 - 12:38   File size: 386.21 KB
SuperMod-Version0.8_0.jar - VERSION 0.8 --- Sandskidders!!!!! (Spawn Eggs Too!)Uploaded on: 01/15/2021 - 12:39   File size: 394.16 KB

0.1: Just The Tools

0.2: CRAFTING RECIPES = ON And Added Bedrock Water

0.3: Happy Block And Pencils and Carbon Stuff, Including Carbon Ore And Carbon Remnants

0.4: Changed Recipes For Pencil Tip and Carbon Stick And Carbon Ore Generation

0.5: Added Advancements And Bedrock Dimension With A Way to get Bedrock Water

0.6: Bedrock Glass, Stone Glass, Unbreakable Stone (For Maps), DONUT (called "Doughnut"), Crying Obsidian, Better Pencil Texture, Useless Chest, A Glass Break Sound Music Disc, and A DESTROYER (Version INFINITY) That breaks the block below it when  powered by redstone (NO DROPS)

0.7: See Through The World Glass, MORE Advancements, A Useless Tool (NOT A STONE PICKAXE) Camp Item (Storage Only, Currently),Slimy Dimension, Barrier But You Will Never See It (After You Place It), And A Small Storage Block

0.8: Sandskidders!!!!! (A Custom Mob I Made Based on Lizards)